Cynthia Nixon posts touching tribute to her transgender son

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has posted a heartfelt tribute to her son in honour of the 14th Annual Trans Day of Action.

While the current candidate for governor of New York often prefers to keep her personal life to herself, she made an exception when she shared the sweet picture of herself alongside her son, Samuel, who is transgender, at his college graduation.

In the post, she mentioned how proud she was of Samuel, who goes by the nickname Seph, and that she “salutes” him.

Seph, who was born Samantha Mozes in November 1996, is Nixon’s first child with her then-partner Danny Mozes. Danny and Cynthia, college sweethearts, were together from 1988 to 2003 and have another son, named Charles Ezekiel, who was born in December 2002.

In 2004, Cynthia began dating Christine Marinoni, and the two were married in May 2012. Together, they have a son named Max.

This is the first time Cynthia has addressed her firstborn’s gender identity, but she has been a proponent for the LGBTQ community for many years and has made appearances at Pride events in the past.

Last year, Cynthia also spoke about how important it was for LGBTQ individuals to come out and to stand up for their rights.

“As LGBT people, we know how important coming out is, but I would argue that our coming out has never been more important than it is right now,” she said at a rally.

“We need to come out not just as queer, but as people who know all too well what it feels like to be put in a box that says other, less than, an easy target if you’re looking for someone to bully, harass, discriminate against, demonise, beat up, even kill.”

Cynthia Nixon’s son Seph, posing in a photo on his Facebook page. Photo: Seph Mozes via Facebook

Cynthia’s wife and Seph’s stepmother, Christine, has also shown her support for the trans community.

“I think there’s a lot of work to be done on behalf of trans folks because they’re facing some of the same issues that we’ve been able to overcome on some level,” she told City & State New York in 2017.

“I think we’ve come a really long way; I think we also have a far way to go. We’re going to have to wade through the current backlash to make sure we don’t lose some of what we’ve gained.”

No matter where you stand politically, it’s always amazing to see a parent accepting and loving his or her children for exactly who they are.

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