Cutting carbs might not be the answer to weight loss

It turns out carbs may not be the devil when it comes to weight loss – and one new diet is coming to the defence of the long-demonised food group.

The Super Carb diet comes up against Atkins, keto and Whole30 diets which claim the key to losing weight is to seriously reduce your carb intake.

Tackling weight loss through a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fats, the Super Carb Diet has longterm success as the goal in shedding pounds.

Claiming it has a more sustainable approach to weight loss, the diet doesn’t use elimination – which often has short term success due to people quickly reintroducing the original banned food group.

A new diet claims carbs aren’t the enemy when it comes to shedding pounds [Photo: Pexels]

The Super Carb Diet book was written by former Biggest Loser US trainer Bob Harper and outlines how this lifestyle encourages its followers to eat moderate amounts of ‘super carbs’.

“[Super carbs] are fibre-dense carbohydrates that act as a great fuel source to the body and have a slower digestion process,” Bob told Eating Well

Also known as complex carbs, ‘super carbs’ include foods like brown rice, sweet potatoes and wholegrain breads – the same carbohydrates most nutritionists recommend.

We all know wholegrain bread is good for us. Photo: Getty

According to the Super Carb Diet, you can eat carbs – but only at certain times of day. These targeted times are limited to early in the day and before a workout. While it’s not all carbs all the time, as the name may suggest, the diet encourages carb consumption in a controlled manner.

With over 60 per cent of Aussie classified as overweight or obese, healthier relationships with food need to be encouraged.

For Bob, a heart attack last year was the motivation to overhaul his health routine. Adopting the Super Carb Diet to maintain his weight while fuelling his body in recovery, the trainer claims its balanced approach improved his relationship with his body.

Eating carbs should all be part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Photo: Getty

Admitting he initially followed the high-protein and high-fat Paleo Diet, his heart attack was a sign that he needed a more balanced approach to food.

Proper portion sizes, and the balance between proteins and fats are also outlined in Bob’s book to guide readers in creating nutrient-dense meals.

The Super Carb Diet claims to have longterm success due to its balanced approach to shedding pounds. Rather than restricting what you eat, it follows the simple rule of (mostly) everything in moderation.

So while pizza and cookies are still off the menu – the Super Carb Diet may be onto something when it comes to finding peace with carbs and weight loss.

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