Customer's bad restaurant review backfires

Sarah Carty
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A mum has been slammed online for leaving a bad restaurant review.

The woman, who goes by the name Monica, gave the unnamed restaurant a one-star review after claiming the ‘food was okay but the wait was terrible’.

And while she may have thought her review would go unnoticed, the owner didn’t take her scathing comment lying down and hit back with his own review of her party.

The owner, who seemed to know the woman, said he’s always happy to see Monica and her girls come back ‘again and again’ to the restaurant.

A mum has been slammed online by a restaurant owner after giving them a bad review. Photo: Imgur

However, this time, the group of 27 actually arrived 40 minutes early for their dinner reservation and demanded they be seated right away.

“The early arrival made it extremely difficult, but despite that fact our staff swiftly worked diligently to take care of everyone’s need as best we couple while taking care of other guest as well, “ the owner said underneath her review.

The restaurant owner hit back in the best way. Photo: Getty Images

The owner continued saying that they felt they had gone above and beyond for the group, even seating them in the banquet room so they could talk in private.

“After taking dinner orders from the entire group there was a 35-minute wait for the food, “ the owner continued.

“For the amount of people without having a shortened or pre-ordered menu, our crew worked very hard to get everything out in a timely manner.”

The owner said the group then insisted on paying separately for the entire bill, despite being told at the time of booking that it wouldn’t be possible.

It’s also claimed in the owner’s response that Monica and two other parents at the table were ‘extremely rude’ to staff and actually made one of them cry.

In fact, their beahviour was reported as being so bad that the other people in the group had to apologise on their behalf.

The owner ended the post by saying the other women at the table had to leave a tip as Monica and the two women refused.

The post also claimed the staff did the best they could for Monica’s ‘demanding and entitled demeanor’.

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