Will they curse? How many ‘non-facts’? Betting sites offer Biden-Trump debate wagers

Online sportsbooks are betting big on this week’s highly anticipated debate between President Biden and former President Trump, offering wagers on everything from the candidates’ sartorial choices to whether there will be long pauses or profanity.

One site, BetOnline.ag, is offering more than 40 different options related to Thursday’s presidential debate in Atlanta.

Some of the wagers include how many “non-facts” will be uttered by the two White House contenders — the non-facts over/under for Trump is 15.5 while Biden ‘s is 9.5 — the first candidate to mispronounce a politician’s name, and who will be the first to interrupt CNN’s Jake Tapper or Dana Bash, the debate’s moderators.

The over/under for Biden’s longest pause is 4.5 seconds, whether Trump will be warned or scolded by the moderators, if either candidate walks off and if the current and former commanders in chief curse onstage are also among the wagers available.

Another site, BetUS.com, features contests about what type of necktie the political foes will sport — the color and whether solid or striped — whether Biden’s age or Trump’s legal issues will be brought up, and who will be the first to “audibly raise their voice” or “interrupt the other candidate first.”

Both of the sites also include bets on who will win Thursday’s matchup according to CNN’s polls — with Trump currently listed as the odds-on favorite on each.

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