Is Criminal Minds Literally Too Dark? Where Was Beverly Hills Cop Laugh? Was The Bear Cameo Too Much? Did The Chi Deaths Sting? More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about House of the Dragon, The Bear, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F and Criminal Minds: Evolution!

1 | Did The Bear Episode 5 serve up a distracting amount of “haunting” Sammy, a character we’d never met before? And speaking of the Faks, would a wannabe Michelin star-rated restaurant have someone who’s clearly unkempt and sports neckbeard/hand tattoos working front of house?

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2 | For those who watched My Lady Jane: Were you pleasantly surprised or annoyed that Prime Video completely hid the fantasy aspect of the series in its marketing?

3 | When The Chi‘s showrunners and stars teased that there’d be a “major death” before the end of the season, did you assume it would be Douda? And because of that assumption, did Rob’s death hurt even more when followed in quick succession?

4 | Now that Orphan Black’s spinoff has featured a returning cast member from the original series, which character(s) would you like to see pop up in Echoes next?

5 | If there were an Emmy given for Best Single Look That Conveys a Lifetime of Regret, wouldn’t House of the Dragon‘s Olivia Cooke have it in the bag for Alicent’s realization that the “Aegon” Viserys mentioned on his deathbed wasn’t his son? Also, as many memes have pointed out, couldn’t this all have been avoided if the Targaryens weren’t such avid recyclers of names? Lastly, Rhaenyra slipped into the Grand Sept quietly enough, sure, but wouldn’t someone have taken notice of Alicent’s increasingly testy chat with a random nun?

6 | Based on the expression The Bold and the Beautiful’s Tom is wearing, exactly how sour was his poisoned sports drink? ▼ Also, since Li said that she was at Il Giardino picking up takeout, are we to assume that she was never given her pizza while Tom played his entire set? Or was she just hanging around to remind us that she’s a suspect in his murder?

The Bold and the Beautiful
The Bold and the Beautiful

7 | How soon before ABC announces that “Hawk Tuah Girl” will compete on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars?

8 | We can appreciate a dumb joke, but were you genuinely surprised when the America’s Got Talent judges gave a unanimous “yes” to the TT Brothers, whose entire act is finding the letter “T” in everyday situations?

9 | Of all the names that Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. could have given the title character’s daughter, why choose one that’s just a letter away (and often sounded like) Bogomil’s own daughter Jan? Who snapped these photos (of moments from the first two movies) seen in Axel’s LAPD file? ► (Before you say it, “pedestrians with cell phone cameras” weren’t a thing in the 1980s.) And as TVLine reader Tara Lynn noted, how did Eddie Murphy not once let loose with Axel’s hearty, trademark laugh? (TVQ, answered! Murphy says he decided to stop doing said laugh.)

10 | Criminal Minds: Evolution viewers, did any of you — any single one of you! — fall for the harrowing cold open that turned out to be another Rossi nightmare? And are complaints about the show being too visually dark this season supported by this side-by-side of a Paramount+ screenshot and a press site still of the same scene?  ▼

11 | On The Boys, as clever as Kimiko using book title pages to communicate was, did you wonder why she didn’t just use her phone or find a pen and paper?

12 | Watching PBS’ A Capitol Fourth, was “Don’t Stop Believin’” (written for Steve Perry, a higher tenor) not right at all for Darren Criss’ own range?

13 | During NBC’s Macy’s Fireworks telecast, was anyone else unnerved by how close those fireworks cannons were to the stage? ▼

14 | While we don’t expect all the performers on TV’s Fourth of July specials to be singing “God Bless America” and the like…. “Poison”? “Rhythm Nation”? Really?

15 | We know Evil‘s Kristen has had a lot going on in the past few years, but can any other New Yorker imagine having a hole that large in a wall of their home and letting it go unfilled for so long? The rat threat alone!

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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