Courtney Love's shocking coronavirus admission: 'Had no idea'

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Courtney Love has made shocking claims about coronavirus tests that are being made available to wealthy people as the virus continues to spread at a terrifying rate around the world.

The 56-year-old took to Instagram to break the news to her followers, revealing she has had access to Covid tests she can take at home for months.

Courtney Love
Courtney Love has shocked her followers after revealing wealthy people have kits to test for coronavirus at home. Photo: Getty

The former Hole frontwoman, who is worth an estimated $130 million, wrote a lengthy post sharing how guilty she felt because she had access to the test, while billions of others do not.

"I’m posting my Covid (and antibody both) test (I’m Covid negative, zero antibodies) because I’ve never been great at this 1 percenter s**t," she said.


"I love myself some fine living, but in the end I bleed liberal, I wish I didn’t sometimes, maybe it’s not liberal, maybe it’s humanist... I have and many of my wealthy friends have had access to Covid test kits, for over 6 months.

"Every time I give people without the same money or access as me a box of 20 I get furious that these are not available at every Tesco and at every 7/11 in both of my countries (and globally too) for 5 bucks or even 20."

Courtney Love's Covid test
Courtney shared a photo of her at home Covid test. Photo: Instagram/Courtney Love

Courtney continued, saying how important testing is now, especially given London's new strain of the virus which is believed to be 70 per cent more infectious.

"We all need this testing capacity more than ever. ALL OF US. ALL OF US!!! If testing (the above tests for antibodies too) especially the newer tests (roche) that can detect covid antigen in you within 15 minutes, were made available and cheap, people would still make tons of money and... this shit would be curbed."

The singer added that she may be "tossed out of the 'club' for posting this" but didn't feel comfortable with her "own elitism" especially when it comes to public health.

"You ALL DESERVE TO HAVE A BOX OF TESTS IN YOUR FRIDGE! I keep asking why the f**k you don't? That’s all I have to say on it now. I feel less dirty and my conscience more clear to post this. Though I’m scared to as well," she finished.

Covid testing in NSW
Courtney said she hoped home testing kits would soon be available to everyone. Photo: Getty

Model and singer-songwriter Karen Elson cheered Courtney’s decision to talk about the at-home tests.

"Well said,” she commented.

“They should all be available to everyone. I’ve been on shoots where we all take these before entering set, they’re clearly easily accessible to certain medical professionals but why not over the counter?"

One fan wrote, "Wow this is really deep I had no idea that there was at-home Covid tests. You are right it should be available to all. Thank you for being honest and bringing this to everyone's attention."

Most commenters seemed to applaud the post.

"Thank you for saying this because I have to use my rent money to pay for tests that I cant afford," one wrote.

Someone else added, "Didn't even know this existed...had to wait in drive thru line for a couple hours then 5 days for results."

The singer's post comes as NPR reports the Food and Drug Administration in the US authorised the first coronavirus tests that will be available to buy without a prescription. It's believed to cost approximately $30 USD and will be available in January.

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