Courteney Cox admits to Monica likeness in "secret closet" video

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Friends star reveals her own "secret closet"Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Friends favourite Courteney Cox has paid homage to her character Monica Geller, as she reveals her own secret closet.

As fans of the iconic sitcom will recall, episode 14 of season 8 sees Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry) uncover his new wife Monica's cupboard, which is stuffed from top to bottom with bric-a-brac that doesn't fit into her well-organised home.

"You know, I've been living here for a while and I've never seen what's inside that closet. What is in there?" goes the scene, as Monica replies: "Chandler there's nothing in there that concerns you... if you love me you'll just let it go."

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Uploading a homemade clip onto Instagram this week, the actress started by inviting her fanbase to check out a brand-new dining room.

"So I just redid my dining room and I wanna show you. OK... new table," she says as 'Max' the cameraman follows her.

"Oh wait, what's in here?" he asks, the camera suddenly peering into a room full of cardboard boxes and stacked furniture.

Faux panicking, Cox rushes over in an attempt to lock the door.

"No. Nothing. Max! Nothing," she shouts before blocking the lens with her hands. "Please, Max, stop it that's not funny. Actually don't film this. No seriously don't film it. No, Max, stop! Erase the footage now, OK?"

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"Come on... we all have one #secretcloset #monica," Cox captioned the skit, while many of her followers shared their enjoyment of it in the comment section.

"I luv that you're just like one us! So relatable! There's always that room, that drawer, where we hide our sh*t [sic]" one follower said, as another responded: "Lol I have several! And I call them my Monica closets!!"

All ten seasons of Friends are available to stream on Netflix now.

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