Court orders Imran Khan's release on bail: lawyer

STORY: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan - seen here just moments after a Pakistani court ordered his release on bail.

That's according to his lawyer on Friday (May 12), who said Khan would be bailed for two weeks.

His jubilant supporters gathered in Lahore following the decision.

This man said the court's decision is a sensible one and it will bring stability to the country.

Khan was arrested on Tuesday (May 9) by the anti-graft agency in a land fraud case.

It was ruled by the Supreme Court "invalid and unlawful" on Thursday.

Khan's arrest ignited deadly protests in many cities and a tussle with the military.

His supporters set ablaze a state broadcaster building, smashed buses, ransacked a top army official's house and attacked other assets.

It led to nearly 2,000 arrests and the army being deployed for help.

At least eight people have been killed in the violence.

The army, which remains the country's most powerful institution, has warned against further attacks on its assets.

It has also called the violence "pre-planned".