Couple’s adorable double proposal surprise goes viral

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It was the perfect proposal Becky McCabe had planned for her girlfriend Jessa Gillaspie.

After heading to Memphis Zoo – the place where they’d gone on their first date – the brunette had a pal take photos and film them for the big moment when she popped the question.

Becky and Jessa had their first date a the zoo, so it only made sense for Becky to propose there too.Photo: Youtube/The McBabes

But like all good proposal stories, Becky’s idea to take Jessa completely by surprise didn’t quite go to plan.

In a video the couple have since posted to Youtube and Facebook, Becky can be seen clutching the ring box in one hand, asking a friend to take a “candid [photo], like we’re talking?” and leaning in to kiss Jessa.

Becky set it up perfectly, before dropping to one knee to propose. Photo: Youtube/The McBabes

She then drops to her knee, with shocked Jessa putting her hands to her mouth.

But it’s what happened next that has seen the couple’s video go viral.

Rather than reach for the ring, Jessa backs away and fumbles in her bag… to pull out a ring box of her own.

Great, loved-up minds think alike, with Jessa pulling out a ring of her own. Photo: Youtube/The McBabes

Yep, she’d been planning to propose as well, except had been beaten to the punch.

“I guess that’s a yes!” Becky can be heard saying.


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