Couple's advice after working together for 37 years: 'Clear roles'

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Valentine's Day is here and to celebrate Queensland couple David and Lisa Leonardi are sharing their heartwarming love story and sage advice on how they've navigated their relationship while also working together every day for 37 years!

In 1985, aged 18, David and Lisa arrived for the first day at their new jobs, bright-eyed and unaware of what was to come. Meeting each other was the beginning of a beautiful love story.

David and Lisa Leonardi
David and Lisa Leonardi have been working together for 37 years. Photo: Supplied

Flash forward 37 years, a few career changes, a move back to their hometown of Townsville, and the starting of their family, David and Lisa have worked together every day since.

When asked how they’ve navigated working together as business partners and life partners, Lisa shared with Yahoo Lifestyle the importance of patience and communication.

“To anyone considering embarking on a career adventure alongside their partner, my best advice is to understand each other’s strengths and determine clear roles, as you ultimately become teammates."

A dream come true

They describe holding a shared dream - to own a small business together - a business aligned with their passions, that would also be able to give back to their local community.

In 2003, their dream became a reality, when they opened the BOQ CastleTown branch as Co-Owner Managers.


Lisa and David Leonardi met in 1985
Lisa and David Leonardi met in 1985, and have worked together every day since. Photo: Supplied

The branch has since blossomed into a whole family business with their three eldest children working alongside them.

Navigating challenges, together

"For myself and David, what has remained close to our hearts over the decades is practising mutual respect, empathy and patience for one another," Lisa adds.

She encouraged that “whilst there’s always going to be challenges, such as keeping work life and home life separate - especially with children also working in the branch! But having open communication, mutual goals, constant support and a real passion for what you do makes everyday worth it."

Lisa says it has always been a dream for her and husband David to own their own business doing what they loved - helping Australians achieve their financial goals and giving back to the local community.

The Leonardi family
The Leonardi family have found ways to keep work life and family life distinct whilst running a family business in Townsville. Photo: Supplied

Supporting their local community

Over the years, the branch has supported the vibrant Townsville community, particularly through its sponsorship of local sporting clubs. It has contributed to the growth of North Queensland Football, Brothers Rugby Union Club and Western Suburbs Cricket Club.

The branch is also a strong supporter of Women in Business through the Townsville Business Women’s Circles. During the Townsville floods in February 2019, the branch provided financial assistance to affected loan customers as well as thousands of BOQ water bottles to front-line workers, locals and volunteers taking part in the clean-up.

It was the appeal of owning their own business in a field they both loved was what drove David and Lisa to start this journey and it’s also what has allowed the to raise their four children in their favourite city.

“We wouldn’t be where we are at this point in time without the support of BOQ, our fantastic staff and the Townsville community which has allowed us to build a successful business and make lifelong memories along the way.”

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