Couple welcomes twins on their shared birthday

On their shared birthday of 18 August, Ohio couple José Ervin Jr and his fiancée Scierra Blair welcomed fraternal twins, A-ria and José Ervin III.

The Cleveland Clinic posted a sweet tribute to the couple on Instagram, expressing their well wishes in a caption: “Congratulations to Scierra and José on their sweet, healthy babies!”

When Blair reportedly went into labour on Thursday, a day before her and Ervin Jr’s birthday, the couple decided to wait until midnight so that their children could share the special day with them each year. The 31-year-old father explained to WABI News: “They were going to bring them in on 17 August, so we said, ‘Let’s just wait until midnight’.”

The young mother was originally due at the end of the month, but they arrived much earlier, without being induced. The twins’ unique due date, however, wasn’t the only unexpected curveball thrown at the couple. According to FOX TV, when Blair began to go into labour, doctors discovered that the babies were breached and advised the couple that they should go with a C-section.

Initially, Ervin Jr begged Blair to hold off on the C-section until 18 August, so that their children could be born on the same day as them. He explained to FOX TV, Blair was unsure and didn’t "really didn’t want it [at first].”

The doctors ultimately performed the procedure after midnight. At Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, the young mother first gave birth to José Ervin III at 12.35am and little A-ria arrived a minute later.

“A-ria was five pounds and I believe two ounces, he was I believe five pounds and five ounces,” Ervin Jr revealed to ABC News Cleveland. Ervin Jr never considered the possibility of their children being born on the same day as them when he first learned of the pregnancy. All the same, the young father marveled at his unique new family: “I never met a family with kids that all have the same birthday.”

"It’s a dream come true, honestly," he gushed to FOX TV. The father explained that he felt like it was fated, "It was very unique, and it’s a blessing honestly. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing for my birthday. I just said I wanted a good gift, and God sent me my kids on my birthday."

When the couple first met, they were both shocked that they shared the same birthday.

“She showed me her ID and I was like, what, that’s crazy!” Ervin Jr told ABC News Cleveland. “And I never met somebody with the same birthday as me.”

Now that the whole family shares a birthday, the father excitedly told FOX TV that birthdays “are going to be a banger from here on out." He added: "It’s going to be nothing but love and fun from here on out."