Couple wed in hospital so premature daughter could attend

Allison Yee

A hospital was the last place they thought they would be getting married, but when Rubia Ferreira and Tyler Campbell decided to tie the knot, they knew they had to have one special person in attendance – their precious daughter, Kaelin.

Rubia gave birth to Kaelin last November when she was just 24 weeks, after doctors diagnosed Rubia with HELLP syndrome, which is linked to preeclampsia.

With the dangerous condition potentially causing seizures, high blood pressure and affecting the mum’s organs, the decision was made to deliver Kaelin via emergency caesarean.

“She was born premature and only weighed 14oz (395 grams) at birth,” Rubia reveals in the couple’s GoFundMe page.

Tyler and Rubia tied the knot next to their daughter's crib in NICU. Photo: University of Alabama at Birmingham

“She has been in the hospital and in a ventilator the whole time. She has Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). Which has caused her to have severe pulmonary hypertension. This may lead to her being in the hospital for the whole first year of her life.”

With their daughter facing months of recovery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Rubia and Tyler decided to ditch their wedding plans in Okinawa, Japan – the place where they had first met.

Instead, after seeing a Facebook video of a couple tying the knot at the hospital, their big day fate was sealed.

The couple have shared their daughter's plight in hope of raising funds. Photo: GoFundMe

“We asked our nurse liaison, and she was all about it!” Tyler told People.

“That was about two weeks before Valentine’s Day, and she thought it would be perfect if that was our wedding day.”

With improvised touches including Rubia walking down the ‘aisle’ which was actually the hallway to Kaelin’s room, with her neonatologist Dr. Waldemar Carlo, the couple admit they wouldn’t want to have done things any other way.

“I’m so happy because we got married in front of Kaelin,” Rubia told People. “Everybody helped me!”

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