Couple travelling for $50 a week reveal their best hacks

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Meet Melbourne-based couple Jay and Britt, otherwise known as the ‘Travelling House Sitters’, living the dream as travellers, foodies and pet sitters all while working as freelancers.

Meet Jay and Britt, travellers, foodies and pet sitters who travel the world for $50 a week. Source: Supplied

The pair met in 2014 and have since embarked on a lifetime of adventure that has seen them travel through 23 countries, complete nine house sits and look after 18 dogs, five cats, four chickens and a turtle.

But the best part is, these savvy bargain hunters have managed to do it all for as little as $50 a week.

Speaking to Be, Jay and Britt reveal some of their best hacks for travelling on the cheap:

House sitting rather than hotels

This alternative option for accommodation is the main way Britt and Jay save on cash but not only that, they’ve also scored some amazing stays by using house and pet sitting platforms like TrustedHousesitters!

“We have stayed in everything from, eight-bedroom mansions with castles to Scandinavian country cabins as well as inner-city flats and beachside villas,” they told Be.

One of their house sitting experiences saw them living in this castle home in Ireland. Source: Supplied

Revealing their top tips for house-sitting applications, the couple recommends letting the owner know how you will specifically meet their needs, whether that be committing to taking the dogs for daily walks or staying at home keeping the animals company.

The pair adjusts their daily routines to suit the needs of the pets they look after – a great way to make their house-sitting applications stand out. Source: Supplied

Look from a different perspective

Rather than pay for typically overpriced tourist attractions, Britt and Jay prefer to seek out alternative viewpoints and the explore the backstreets of a city or town.

“We aren’t really compelled to see the tourist attractions; we are happy to look at the Eiffel Tower from the Champ de Mars with a bottle of wine and cheese.”

The pair loves putting together their own platters from local produce. Source: Instagram/ Thetravellinghousesitters

Live like locals

Rather than fine dining Jay and Britt, ‘find out what the locals feast on for local prices’, which often involves exploring the local markets for fresh produce they can put together themselves.

“We love the settling down and getting to know a community. It could be playing fetch with a pup, cooking Sunday roast with a real oven or wandering down to their local bakery, house sitting allows us to do this and we absolutely love it,” they said.

Live like the locals, eat like the locals. Source: Instagram/ Thetravellinghousesitters

Look for transport alternatives

As well as checking comparison websites for cheap flights, Jay and Britt also look for alternative travel options such as hiring a campervan for shorter journeys.

They use the cheap travel hack called relocation hires where you can rent a car or caravan, at little-to-no cost, from rental companies looking to move their vehicles from one place to another.

“Usually, your fuel and expenses are covered, you just need to drop off the vehicle at a location by a certain date,” they said.   

You can keep up to date with Jay and Britt’s future travel adventures here.

They use the cheap travel hack of relocation car hires to get from place to place. Source: Supplied
Follow ‘The travelling housesitters’ on social media for the rest of their adventures. Source: Supplied.

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