Couple shamed by neighbour's nude note fire back

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

You should be free to wear (or not wear) whatever you please in the privacy of your own home.

But this couple made headlines at the weekend after they received a nasty note from their neighbours saying they’re sick of seeing their “big bum big boobs and little willy”.

Now, Karin and Jay Stone have fired right back, slamming their anonymous note-writer for being a peeping Tom.

Karin and Jay have hit back at the anonymous neighbours who told them to cover up. Source: Supplied

“Stop looking through our windows you peeping Tom,” they wrote, before pinning it to their bedroom window.

Karin and Jay told Be they were shocked to find that a note had been placed under their door asking them to cover up.

It read, “Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed or undressed”.

The original note body shames the couple and threatens them with police action. Source: Supplied

“We are sick of seeing big bum, big boobs and little willy. Or we will report you both for indecent exposure.”

The married couple were unaware their neighbours could see into their home, but admit they won’t be changing the way they live their life.

“We’re not nudists or exhibitionists,” Karin told Be, “We’re just going to continue going about or daily life and hope that our ‘sensitive’ neighbours will stop perving on us.”

While it was signed off “your neighbours” but the couple have no idea who sent it.

Karin and Jay won’t be changing their lifestyle after the note. Source: Supplied

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