Country music legend and wife of Slim Dusty, Joy McKean, talks through her extraordinary life

As they say, behind every good man is an even better woman. Well, maybe we just heard that on a movie one time... Nonetheless, we're absolutely certain it's true. Particularly in this case, with Joy McKean as the wife and the underlying voice to so much of Slim Dusty's music. Now, if you're on the younger side, Mr Dusty is without a doubt Australia's most renowned country musician. He and his Mrs, Joy, are described as the couple that wrote 'on the country' versus songs 'about the country', the two of them have lived extraordinary lives, road-tripping, writing and touring Australia, booking gigs via telegram, selling tickets and handling logistics all on their own, she's the powerhouse you'll be glad you now know. Grab a cuppa', park yourself on the lounge and settle in as BUILD Host, Danny Clayton takes Joy for a stroll down memory lane.