The culprit that could be making your shower cold has a simple fix, bathroom expert reveals

 Weather be impacting the performance of your shower.
Weather be impacting the performance of your shower.

Colder temperatures outside could affect things like shower pressure, as well as an increase or decrease in temperature, experts say. 

Everyone knows the unfortunate feeling of stepping into a shower and feeling as though the water pressure and temperature gauge aren't up to your usual standards. You can deck out your washing space with all of the best bathroom trends of the moment and use the most luxurious bath time products, but if the water temperature and pressure aren't right, your shower experience can be ruined - and it turns out the winter weather could be having an impact.

According to Mira Showers spokesperson, there is actually proof that colder temperatures can affect the performance of your shower.


"Whilst it’s been revealed that only a third of Brits have a good understanding of how their shower actually works, it could in fact be the ever-changing weather patterns stopping homeowners from achieving the desired temperature," Lewis Turton, Mira Showers spokesperson, told woman&home.

He said that this change could be more prevalent with people who have electric showers, adding, "As the seasons change, the temperature of the incoming cold mains water supply will differ, being warmer in summer and cooler in winter. This can have a knock-on effect to the temperature of showers – especially electric showers."

However, if you have an electric shower, there are some things you can do to prevent these random changes.

showerhead with a pink background
showerhead with a pink background

Lewis said that is you notice the temperature of your water is off, take a look at the temperature dial, as it may need some adjusting.

"If your electric shower runs too hot in the summer, set it to a more comfortable level by turning the temperature dial anti-clockwise," and gave specific instructions for those who use Mira Showers specifically. "The Medium or Eco power settings could also be used during the summer to save power and water. Alternatively, if a shower is not hot enough in winter, use the High power setting and turn the temperature dial clockwise to make it run hotter."

Lewis noted that it also might be worth it to check for blockages and limescale, as these can affect water pressure and temperature, especially as the weather gets crisp.

"Limescale build-up in shower heads can restrict water flow, contributing to temperature issues," Lewis said. "Always ensure the shower head and hose are clear of obstructions or blockages when adjusting your shower."

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