Costco's Parisian Bakeries Are Just As French As You'd Expect

Pastries at Costco France
Pastries at Costco France - Sinna Vongsaphay/Facebook

While the concept of buying in bulk at Costco is pretty much universal, the bulk goods carried by the wholesale giant can vary from one location to the next. For instance, the most popular Costco bakery items in the U.S. aren't the same as the most popular bakery items at French Costco store.

First things first — the bread. Sure, Costcos in the U.S. have a wide assortment of breads, but Costcos in France have giant pallets of baguettes. Per Reddit, one French Costco had no fewer than 12 full pallets of baguettes, and we can't even begin to fathom how many baguettes each pallet holds.

In terms of desserts, French Costcos are chock-full of freshly baked beignets, giant empanadas, custard tarts, profiteroles, apple crumbles, crème brûlée, and, of course, macarons. What would be the point of having Costco in France if you couldn't buy beignets in bulk?

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France Still Hesitates To Support Costco Warehouse Stores

French pastries and breads
French pastries and breads - Kcline/Getty Images

Understandably, not every country is as excited about huge warehouse stores — especially for food. In France, shoppers generally want the freshest produce and bakery goods, so they buy smaller portions more frequently. Costco, on the other hand, is built on the idea of buying in bulk.

Many people have resisted the idea of Costco expanding into France, with some worrying that the super-sized stores could force smaller local bakeries and shops out of business. Consequently, the chain's original plan to open about 15 locations in France by 2025 has been stuck at the two-location mark after a decade of effort.

Nevertheless, Costco France does have supporters who are vocal about their appreciation of the chain's selection, delivery service, and acceptance of all credit card types. Plus, who wouldn't want to buy Costco's budget-friendly P'tit Basque cheese? Pair it with a few of those bulk baguettes, and you've got yourself a tasty snack.

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