Costco Is Now Selling This Fast Food Chain's Famous Ketchup

close-up of ketchup with fries
close-up of ketchup with fries - Andrii Shablovskyi/Getty Images

Diligent Costco shoppers are always on the lookout for new products on the shelves. Much of this info-sharing happens through social media, where accounts share roundups of the latest finds. One of the latest roundups from @costcohotfinds on TikTok shared that one popular fast food chain's ketchup hit the shelves in bottles. This Texas burger joint is famous for its ketchup — and by now you've probably guessed it. Whataburger's iconic Fancy Ketchup and Spicy Ketchup are now available at Costco.

In a ranking of 11 ketchup brands, Whataburger surpasses brands like Heinz and Hunt's, coming out on top. It's thick, tomatoey, sweet, and even has iconic packaging. The single-serving tubs of the Fancy Ketchup debuted in 1985, allowing Whataburger diners to take their ketchup on the go. Fast forward to 2012, and Whataburger released its now-famous Spicy Ketchup. Originally available only for a limited time, Spicy Ketchup was so popular it joined the permanent menu in 2013. This was the same year Whataburger released bottles of their Fancy Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup, and Original Mustard in Texas supermarket H-E-B stores -- a first for the company. Costco is yet another expansion of its already extensive grocery store presence. Before they hit the shelves of the wholesale retailer, 15 Whataburger products — including single bottles of the ketchup varieties — were distributed among 21 grocery stores in 2022, including Walmart and Albertsons.

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Whataburger Ketchup Is Only Available In Some Costco Stores

Whataburger ketchup bottles on shelf
Whataburger ketchup bottles on shelf - brandonfmoore / Instagram

Even though Whataburger ketchup is already in some other grocery stores, its availability in Costco is very exciting for shoppers and Whataburger fans, alike. According to @costcohotfinds, the ketchup bottles, which appear to come in packs of three containing both Fancy Ketchup and Spicy Ketchup varieties, sell for $9.99. However, Whataburger's official TikTok account made an important clarifying comment on the video that the ketchup is "available in all Costco Texas locations." This is a win for Texans, but time will tell if Whataburger expands its Costco reach to the remaining 13 states with Whataburger and beyond.

The general consensus is excitement over the Whataburger Costco debut. One commenter revealed, "I snatched up the Whataburger ketchups FAST!!" We would too. Another commenter chimed in that Whataburger has, "[the] best ketchup especially the spicy one." Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup has a huge fan base, and we have to agree (it's why we ranked it first among fast food ketchups). Just that little bit of heat provides an abundance of extra flavor. We envy Texas Costco shoppers who can take it and Fancy Ketchup home and enjoy them anytime.

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