Costco Has a Copycat of This Popular Starbucks Breakfast for Half the Price

Kirkland saves the day again.



A friend of mine loves Starbucks Egg Bites so much, she used to eat them for breakfast every day. At first, I was skeptical. (Fast food eggs surely can't be THAT good, right?). But, I can now admit that she definitely was onto something since Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites are one of the chain’s most popular food items.

Unfortunately, her morning habit eventually had to go. For a total of $5.25 per serving, things got too expensive. Luckily, Costco is here to save the day with a Starbucks Egg Bite dupe for half the price. Now, egg bite enthusiasts can have their favorite protein-packed snack all they want without breaking the bank.

Costco Now Has a $2.40 Starbucks Egg Bite Copycat

Costco now sells boxes of Kirkland Signature brand egg bites for only $11.99, a Reddit thread recently confirmed. Commenters on the thread say they're basically the “exact same egg bites as the Starbucks ones." But, with 10 in a box (or around $2.40 per serving), each egg bite costs less than half of the one from Starbucks. The two available flavors, gouda with bacon and egg whites with red pepper, are both the same as Starbucks.

For fans of a cheap, convenient breakfast, this product is a huge win. Commenters on Reddit expressed their excitement for the treat’s availability on store shelves. “I AM SO PUMPED,” one user commented. Others joined in to share their enthusiasm for a delicious breakfast treat that takes no preparation.

Why Does This Sound Familiar?

Because it is. This is not the first time Costco has sold a Starbucks Egg Bite dupe. But, it is the first time they've been made under Kirkland Signature. They're also slightly less expensive than Costco’s original egg bite option, which had cost $14.97 per box of 10. “Kirklandify ALL THE THINGS,” one Reddit user added to the thread, showing love for Costco’s popular house brand.

Of course, there is always still the option of making your egg bites at home. As one Redditor commented, they are “stupid easy to make in a muffin pan, and a week’s worth keeps in the fridge.” They aren't wrong. Plus, you can pick any flavors you want, or stick to the Starbucks classic flavors of bacon and gruyere and egg white red pepper. Just make sure to blend in some cottage cheese for extra creaminess and a protein boost.

Whether you stock some egg bites from Costco or whip up a quick batch at home, you’ll be prepared with a wallet-friendly breakfast that tastes just like the Starbucks originals.

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