Cosima De Vito hits back at Australian Idol rival Paulini Curuenavuli

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

It was back in 2003 when Cosima De Vito surprised the nation, revealing she had to withdraw from the Australian Idol competition due to serious health concerns.

Now the reality star has spoken out, saying she was ‘upset’ and betrayed’ by remarks made by contestant Paulini Curuenavuli and judge Mark Holden following her shock departure from the show when she reached the final three.

In a previous interview with E! Online, Mark raised eyebrows with his comments when asked about Cosima.

Former Australian Idol star Cosima De Vito has hit out at Paulini Curuenavuli and Mark Holden. Source: Instagram/cosimadevito

“There are some people who when you shine a light on them they grow, and Guy [Sebastian] was one of those.. Other people, the more light you shine on them, they shrivel and crack.”

Meanwhile Paulini, who placed fourth on the show after being eliminated the week before Cosima left, said something Cosima wasn’t a fan of either.

“I knew she wasn’t feeling well. There were four of us left in the house,” she told E! Online. “I was like, jeez why didn’t she do it on my week.”

Cosima is not happy with comments Paulini made in an interview with E! Online about Cosima pulling out the of competition due to health concerns. Source: Getty

“The public voted for me to go into the top three and she still wishes I had left. So she would’ve been happy going through by default,”  Cosima told New Idea.

“I’ll be honest I was quite upset and even felt a little betrayed because I thought maybe after 15 years we could all put it behind us and I would get a little compassion about what I went through,” she also said in her interview.

“Clearly Mark will always think that I didn’t deserve to be there and his comments were cold.”

Mark also spoke in an interview about the differences between contestants such as Guy Sebastian and Cosima. Source: Getty

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