Woman who got COVID twice says second time nearly killed her

Sarah Carty
·Features & Style Editor
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A woman who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in June after suffering from barely any symptoms said she nearly died after catching it again in August.

Leslie Tanyan, a 46-year-old from Oklahoma, told Koco News that she thought she was immune to the coronavirus and doctors initially didn’t even test her for the virus the second time around because she’d already tested positive for it in June.

Leslie Tanyan
Leslie Tanyan, a 46-year-old from Oklahoma, got coronavirus twice. Photo: Koco News

However, Leslie’s health seriously deteriorated in mid-August, with her husband rushing her to hospital after she started to struggle to breathe and began passing out.

“You feel like your head is going to explode because it gets so much pressure, because you're not getting any oxygen,” Tanyan said.

She ended up in hospital for three weeks battling the virus and was moved to a long-term care facility for a month.

Woman who got coronavirus twice
She spent three weeks in ICU. Photo: WPBF News

“It's scary and you feel alone. It's not like the flu. That's something I want to say. The flu you can get over in three days.”

She was allowed to return home this month and urged people to take the virus seriously.

“They said I was very lucky. Not many people who get to that part make it,” she said.

According to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center there have been 1,124,758 deaths globally from COVID-19, with 905 deaths in Australia.

In Australia today, NSW recorded two new cases of community transmission of the coronavirus and eight from overseas travellers currently in hotel quarantine.

Three new cases of the coronavirus were reported in Victoria.

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