Kate Langbroek's coronavirus face mask warning to Aussies

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She was in full coronavirus lockdown in Italy for weeks and now Aussie radio host Kate Langebroek has slammed Victorians who are refusing to wear face masks.

The 54-year-old appeared on The Project on Monday night, where she warned people who were against wearing masks what life could be like if they failed to follow the rules.

Kate Langebroek on The Project
Kate Langebroek has given a warning to Aussies who aren't wearing face masks. Photo: Channel 10

“I don't understand why you would argue with wearing a mask. If you think it is an incursion into your freedoms, wait until you're in hard lockdown and you can't go outside to walk your dog for four months and then see if wearing a mask is such a big deal,” Kate said.

“I find the thinking behind it strange. I think that If you think you've had your freedoms denied you, the hill that you're choosing to die on is refusing to wear a mask is an odd hill because there are so many freedoms that we have learned the hard way in Italy that can be denied.”

“So wearing a mask, it seems like a courtesy for people who have to work in shops all the time, who have to deal with strangers, they don't know what precautions we have taken or how healthy we are or where we have been. It just seems like politeness, courtesy and practicality to me.”

Kate Langebroek wearing a face mask
Kate was in hard lockdown in Italy for weeks. Photo: Instagram/Kate Langebroek

Kate went on to say that it’s so relaxed in Puglia now, “like COVID never happened”.

“Most people have abandoned themselves unto the summer, I think in anticipation of maybe an Autumn lockdown coming and making the most of it while they can,” she said.

The former Hiit network presenter, her husband Peter and their four children, moved from Melbourne to Bologna in Italy at the beginning of 2019.


Kate documented her whole Italian lockdown for The Project, regularly appearing on the Channel 10 show to give updates on the strict coronavirus measures the country introduced.

She revealed back in April that her husband was being sued by the City of Bologna for flouting lockdown rules after going out for a bike ride and then Kate herself had a run-in with police.

Speaking to hosts Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee on FOX FM, Kate said she had a bit of a brush with the law on Good Friday, when she went shopping to get her children some Easter eggs.

Kate and her husband were stopped by police, who told them they weren’t supposed to be outside their home together.

Kate Langebroek drinking wine in Italy
Kate said it's courtesy and polite to wear a mask when you're out in public. Photo: Instagram/Kate Langebroek
Kate Langebroek in lockdown with her family in Italy
The former radio host and her family could only leave the house to go to the shop. Photo: Instagram/Kate Langebroek

“Italians have that knack. They can look at us and know we are not Italian,” she started.

“I was so annoyed. I hate the one-size-fits-all rule. I said, ‘I’ve got four children at home, that’s a lot of food, that’s a lot of carrying on my own’.

“They were a bit surprised by how aggressive I was.

“They respect that attitude because it’s the attitude of an Italian woman. They’re quite forthright.

“That’s my new strategy. I’m going to be aggressive.”

At the beginning of April, Kate detailed how her husband got stopped on the street while he was out enjoying a morning bike ride.

Kate Langebroek in line wearing a mask in Italy
She urged Aussies to wear a face mask out in public. Photo: Instagram/Kate Langebroek

“Initially you were allowed to go out to exercise, which I would never do,” Kate joked when she called in to Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning.

“Peter, my husband, actually got stopped by the police three weeks ago at like seven o'clock in the morning on a Sunday and they changed the rules the night before,” she continued.

“It was pretty intense, he’s being sued by the City of Bologna and they said to him: ‘have you got a lawyer’ and he was like ‘wow this is not just like a fine’.”

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