Coronation Street's Stephanie Davis on whether Courtney is using Aadi

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Stephanie Davis has addressed on-screen uncertainty over whether her character Courtney Vance has genuine feelings for Aadi Alahan.

Courtney and Aadi have recently become an official couple, but their relationship comes under fresh scrutiny next week.

Viewers will see Courtney start to miss her old glamorous lifestyle following her split from rich businessman Darren.

When Courtney sees Darren at the Bistro, she tries to make him jealous by publicly kissing Aadi. This concerns Aadi's dad Dev, as well as Dev's partner Bernie Winter, who both reckon Courtney is using Aadi to make Darren jealous.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media about Dev and Bernie's suspicions, Stephanie explained: "Courtney turns up at the Bistro on purpose because she knows Darren is there. She wants to show that she's fine, so she's snogging the face off Aadi as usual right in front of Darren to get a reaction out of him. But it's all bravado.

"Courtney's feelings for Aadi are genuine. She does genuinely think the world of him as he's a beautiful person, but Courtney is just so toxic in her behaviours that she's had for so long. She automatically goes back into those defects of character.

"Courtney genuinely cares for Aadi, but Darren has cheated on her in the past. Part of it for Courtney is her thinking: 'I'm going to treat you how you treated me, let's see how you like it!' She wants to get that reaction out of Darren.

"When we filmed that scene, I felt so bad for Aadi! Courtney is doing it for a pure reaction. Bernie and Dev have got her card marked and know what she is trying to do. But I don't even think Courtney is that aware of what she's doing because she's just so used to being like that."

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Asked whether Courtney misses Darren, Stephanie replied: "It's a hard one for her. She doesn't really know what true love is. I feel sorry for her because she doesn't know how to be loved.

"Courtney came from such a bad background, then met Darren – this guy with loads of money. She thought: 'This is better than nothing, at least I'm getting to live this luxury lifestyle'. She does miss Darren because she spent so much time with him, but is it more the lifestyle she misses?"

Aadi's troubles pile up next week when Courtney puts pressure on him to find their own place.

The couple have been living at the Alahan house together, but Courtney's presence is irritating Aadi's family.

courtney vance, aadi alahan, coronation street

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On the flat search, Stephanie added: "Courtney is totally in denial. She's looking at these big posh flats in really beautiful areas. Aadi is trying to politely, God help him, say: 'We can't really get that'. Courtney is oblivious to it because she has been so used to living that lifestyle.

"When she sees the flat Aadi has arranged, I think that is a big reality check for her definitely. It's a bit of a shock to her system. She has gone through with it and doesn't want to lose face to Darren so she says it's fine, but is it really?"

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