Coronation Street: Amy spots a spiking at a club

Episode 11,113 – 11,114 | Airs Friday 17 November 2023 at 20:00 on ITV1

Amy lies to Steve and Tracy, making out the march went well and she's off to hand in her essay. Amy assures Asha that she's learnt her lesson, she'll look for other ways to make herself heard and is off home to do some coursework.

After coming across Dylan, and urging him to stand up to Mason and not be a victim, a steely Amy ditches her plans for an early night.

In a nightclub, Amy watches as a guy spikes a woman's drink. Amy charges over, knocks the drink out of her hand and leads her to the ladies'. Amy explains to the woman that she was raped by a man like Dan and she's trying to protect other women from the same fate.

The woman thanks her and leaves. But rather than leaving herself Amy approaches Dan and flirtily introduces herself, what is she up to?

Meanwhile, Dylan is confronted by an angry Sean, who reveals he's heard about what he's been up to from Hope, he found his stash of vapes and disposed of them.

Tyrone and Cassie call round and together with Sean, demand Dylan tell them who's forcing him to sell vapes. When Sean suggests that it's Mason and threatens to call the police, Dylan does a runner. As he tells Mason his dad got rid of the vapes, Mason orders him to hand over his new designer trainers.

Elsewhere, Brian breaks the news to Jenny that Waterfords have put The Rovers up for sale and a property developer is hoping to buy it to turn it into flats.

Also today, Ed opens a letter addressed to Norris Cole to find it contains a credit card. Secretly pocketing the card, Ed heads to a casino in town. Will the temptation be too much?

Finally, David and Maria take up their roles of joint salon managers where they bicker over Vin Diesel the weasel. Audrey advises them to pack in the squabbling or she'll be forced to pick one of them to be in charge.

Asha smiles to herself when she gets a text from Isla.

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