Never look at messy wires again: 10 genius cord-management solutions at Amazon

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An organized home home without cord clutter.
If you aspire to a desk as tidy as this one, it's time to grab a cord organizer or two. (Photo: Getty Images)

How many tech devices are around your home right now? You likely have a computer, printer, TV, smartphone, tablet, e-reader, smart watch and much more. With all of those devices come a sea of charging cords and power cords, which create a never-ending struggle to keep them organized and tangle-free. Fortunately, there’s a litany of cord management solutions available to help keep the mess at bay.

We've gathered our favorite organizing options, all budget-friendly and available at Amazon.

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Avantree Reusable Cord Organizer Cable Ties, Pack of 20

These cable ties are colorful as well! (Photo: Amazon)

These Avantree Velcro cable ties are the perfect solution for keeping your cords neat and organized. Available in three sizes, they’re reusable and durable. Plus, they come in five different colors so you can color-coordinate your gear. And you get a pack of 20 for just $7, making each one cost just 35 cents.

The ties have over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon too. “Love these things,” said one shopper. “No seriously, they have so many uses that I honestly didn't even think about when I initially ordered them. I bought them to use as cable ties for my desk, which they work perfectly for, but I've also since used them to wrap cords for stored appliances, wrap my headphones in my purse to keep them from getting tangled, I even use them to wrap the handles of my canvas grocery bags together to keep stuff from falling out and to attach things to my purse straps.”

$7 at Amazon

Pasow Cable Ties, 50 pieces

These cable ties have over 19,000 five-star reviews on Amazon! (Photo: Amazon)

Similar to the Avantree Velcro cable ties, but even more affordable, are the PASOW Velcro cable ties. For $8 you get 50 cable ties — that works out to a mere 16 cents each. The reusable strips come in several colors, and you can buy them in single-color or in multi-color packs. With more than 19,000 five-star ratings, you know these must be good.

“With quadruple monitors, PC, Mini PC, laptop, speakers, printer, lamp, mini fan, etc. it was a must for me to organize the cables,” said one reviewer. “They're lightweight without any anchors or starters, very convenient to apply, especially when you're twisted upside down under the desk. Velcro allows you to apply it with any pressure required. At times I needed it to be real tight and hold up the cables, other times I just needed them to be bundled together loose. You receive more than enough so you don't have to ration them or worry about running out. I burned through them at my desk without any worries, still had plenty leftover, so I decided to organize the cables in the living room as well, and still have some. Good thing for such a purchase.”

$8 at Amazon

Velcro Brand One-Wrap Cable Ties, 60-pack

Velcro Band
These Velcro cable ties are self-fastening! (Photo: Amazon)

The Velcro Brand One-Wrap Cable Ties have a slightly different design than other Velcro strips – they’re self-fastening! The ties are super easy to use — all you have to do is insert the rounded end through the hole and pull the strap tight; the ties then firmly wrap onto themselves. They come in pre-cut lengths that are adjustable to suit different jobs, but they are an especially good option for securing large, bulky cords. At $14 for a pack of 60, they are a pretty good buy.

“Trust me, you’ll keep finding uses for them!” said one shopper. “The best feature of these reusable ties is the way they can be looped onto cords so they don’t get lost or accidentally thrown away between uses, such as the one I keep on the toaster. If the tie wasn’t attached to the cord, I know my husband wouldn’t put it back on after he makes toast! I have them in every room of the house. I use them on all the small kitchen appliances for neater cabinet storage and neater countertops. I use them in the bathroom for hair styling tool cords. They’re useful for shortening lamp cords and cleaning up the mess of cords behind the television. I keep a set in my kitchen utility drawer and my toolbox.”

$14 at Amazon

Wrap-it Storage Self-Gripping Cable Ties, 40-pack

These hook and loop cord organizers stay attached to the cord when not in use. (Photo: Amazon)

These self-gripping cable ties from Wrap-It Storage stay attached to the cord when not in use, which means you’re less likely to lose them. They’re made out of durable, heavy-duty nylon that's suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. A 40-pack that includes both 4-inch and 8-inch straps is currently on sale for $14.

“I LOVE these cable ties/straps!” raved a shopper. “I was looking for something to keep my growing collection of cables from looking like some kind of electronic spaghetti and found these. These are super strong and easy to use. As soon as I strapped my first cable, I did all of them around my desk and started looking for others I could strap, too. I love the variety of sizes in this package, as well.”

$14 $15 at Amazon

Rustark Adjustable Self-Adhesive Nylon Cable Straps, 50 pieces

These zipper nylon cables let you adhere your cables to the wall or under the table to keep them out of sight. (Photo: Amazon)

Zipper nylon cable straps are great if you want to quickly add or remove cables from the bundle. These ones from Rustark have adhesive pads so you can stick your cables to a wall or underside of a table for a cleaner look. You get 50 pieces – 25 small and 25 large – for just $11.

Shoppers love them. “I consider these a must-have," said one reviewer. "The adhesive isn’t crazy strong, but if you let it set it holds pretty well. In my home studio, it keeps wires from being everywhere. [...] It’s almost always cleaner to have the wires disappear and not hang, these do that better than anything I’ve seen.”

$11 at Amazon

Ohill Black Adhesive Cord Holders, 24-pack

These cord holders are great for decluttering your desk! (Photo: Amazon)

One way to keep your cables organized is by using Ohill clip holders. These have self-adhesive pads that can stick to your desk, a wall, or any other surface to keep your wires organized but still easily accessible. Unlike the Velcro cable strips, these clips can also hold pens or toothbrushes. They’re also very affordable at only $10 for a 24-pack.

“These work great,” said one reviewer. “I would highly recommend using them to clean up cable clutter under or on the side of the desk. The single cable ones are big enough to fit my keyboard cord which technically is 2 cords in one thick sleeve. You would be surprised with how big a difference this makes to the look and functionality of whatever setup you have.”

$9 $10 at Amazon

Inchor Cable Clips Organizer

Keep your cables from getting lost from behind your desk with these cable clips. (Photo: Amazon)

The Inchor cable clips are similar to the Ohill clip holders but hold three or five cords in one strip. The Inchor cable clips are incredibly flexible and can bend around corners. At $6 for a 2-pack (one with three slots, and another with five), they’re pretty affordable too.

“I am SO happy with this purchase,” said one shopper. “This product makes me SO HAPPY!! The cords under my desk were so unruly that my feet often got tangled up on them. I already had some Velcro straps to bind them together but it wasn’t enough to keep them neat and out of the way [...] It’s such a simple thing but I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!”

$6 $7 at Amazon

Topbooc Cord Management Organizer Kit

This all-in-one kit has zipper sleeves, cord clips, cable ties and more! (Photo: Amazon)

Rather than go through the hassle of buying separate cable ties and clips, you can just get this all-in-one kit instead. This handy bundle has a whopping 126 pieces — four cable sleeves, ten cable clip holders, a hundred fastening ties, and more. And, believe it or not, you get all of this for only $15.

“This cord organizing kit is extremely helpful with multiple types of electrical cables and wires,” said one review. “I was able to clean up the multiple wires coming from my desktop to the outlet with the neoprene zipper cord cover which was extremely easy to install. I also used one of the sticky cord cables on the desktop to hold the phone cable charger easily.”

$15 $17 at Amazon

D-Line Cable Management Box

D-Line cord management box
This stylish box houses your power strip to keep it out of sight. (Photo: Amazon)

One common eyesore in most homes is the overflowing power strip with cables strewn all over the place. A cable management box like this one from D-Line can help keep all of it contained in one attractive unit and make areas under your desk easier to clean. The box comes in white or black, has three cord entry and exit points and is large enough to fit most power strips. Plus, the price is currently just $25 for the large and $18 for the small.

“I ordered a couple of these small size cord management boxes. That arrived yesterday, and ordered an additional three of the small size and one of the larger ones,” said one shopper. “Two things that I really like about this particular brand are the small vent holes on the top and the opening in the back as well as the two ends for running the cords.”

$27 for Large (was $29) $20 at Amazon

Chouky Wooden Style Cord Organizer Box, 2-Pack

These Chouky cord management boxes come with very design-forward wooden lids! (Photo: Amazon)

If you want an even more stylish cable management system check out this Chouky Cord Organizer Box! It houses a power strip inside a design-forward, impact-resistant box topped with a wooden-style lid. For $30 you receive a 2-pack (a large and a small) of boxes, plus cable ties, stick-on cable clips and a fabric sleeve so you can have everything you need to organize all of your cables.

“I have three of these boxes throughout my home,” said one satisfied buyer. “They are a must-have. They not only make the area where all your wires are laying on the floor look better but they also make the area easier to clean up. No more do I have to move a handful of electrical/cable/computer/printer/tv wires to clean the floor, or clean off the wires themselves. Now it's simply lifting the cable management box to clean under and around it. These are sturdy and attractive boxes. Great price on these for the value they add to your home.”

$30 $40 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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