Cop hailed a hero for saving baby girl trapped in car

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A police officer has been praised as a hero after he came to the rescue of a baby girl trapped in a car for almost three hours.

Darryl Wormuth, an officer from Maryland in the US, had been on patrol at a nearby apartment complex when he discovered a man lying unconscious in the grass. 

A cop has been hailed a hero after saving this little girl trapped in a car for 3 hours. Source: PGPDNews

Darryl suspected drugs may have been the cause of the man’s state, and called for medical assistance.

Moments before the man was transported to the hospital, Darryl noticed he was wearing a lanyard with a remote car key attached, and although he couldn’t immediately locate the vehicle, he had an unsettling feeling about it.

Three hours later, with the worry of the car still on his mind, Darryl returned to the scene and searched the area.

He eventually came across a parked car with music playing, engines on and to his shock, a one-year-old girl strapped into a car seat in the back. 

Thankfully the little girl was found alive and okay. Source: PGPD News

“My initial thought was, ‘Please God, let this child be alive,'” Darryl later recalled in a press conference. 

Thankfully the baby girl was found alive and okay, described as only “warm and a little bit clammy.”

Fellow officers comforted the little girl with some food and water before reuniting her with her mum and grandmother, who revealed the man was a relative supposed to be caring for the infant.

While the relative has been charged with reckless endangerment, officer Darryl has been praised a national hero on social media, with people thanking him for following his instincts. 

Darryl Wormuth has been praised a hero. Source: Facebook / PGPD

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