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Cool a sweltering room quickly with this expert-approved Vornado air circulator

Keep your A/C bill on ice — the fan is compact, quiet and 'pretty darn powerful,' reviewers say.

Welcome to summer, the season of can't-miss sales and heat waves. We know — one is infinitely more exciting than the other, but there's a way to make the best of the latter: by investing in cooling products like fans. According to experts, an air circulator fan should be at the top of your list, and a pro says this one from Vornado is among his favorites for cooling down a hot room in no time.

Quick overview

This popular fan has easy-to-use controls, multi-directional airflow, three speeds and an adjustable head that can direct the air wherever you want it to go.

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We recently spoke with a few experts about the fans they recommend for getting air moving in a stuffy room, and all agreed that an air circulator is the way to go. Josh Mitchell, an HVAC technician and founder of Air Conditioner Lab, says that unlike traditional fans, air circulator fans "keep the air in a room moving continuously, helping to maintain a more even temperature throughout." In other words, that's exactly what we want in the summer when it seems as though the heat is coming from all directions.

While there are tons of air circulator fans out there, there's one brand that Derek Gaughan, residential air quality expert and founder of Air Koality recommends: Vornado.

He says that the brand's air circulators "stand out for their ability to move air throughout the entire room," echoing Mitchell. "These fans are versatile for year-round use, improving air circulation and complementing heating systems during winter, thanks to their aerodynamic design that includes features like blade ducts and deep-pitch properties."

The Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan is Gaughan's favorite "reasonably priced" pick and, based on over 7,000 shoppers' reviews, he's not the only one who thinks it's worth the investment. Owners say it's portable and easy to fit in tight spaces, but still manages to pack a serious punch thanks to its three speeds. Also, since it has an adjustable tilt head, it distributes cool air throughout the room, allowing the space to cool down faster, longer and more evenly.

Vornado air-circulator fan in a bedroom
Why crank up the costly A/C when this compact air circulator can keep you cool? (Amazon)

These fans "are small and light, but have a great output of air and are incredibly effective at cooling down a room quickly," said one five-star reviewer. "I haven't had any issues at all since purchasing a few for my home, definitely has cut down on the need for A/C on warmer days and nights."

Another shopper said that the first thing you'll notice about the fan is "how compact it is" — a feature that thousands of buyers appreciate since it's easy to take from room to room. "Despite its size, though, it's pretty darn powerful. And the circulation is great, even on the lowest of its three settings."

Another perk? Shoppers say this fan couldn't be more different than its distractingly noisy competitors. "This little fan is so quiet and cools my hall and small living room," a five-star reviewer wrote. "I like that it is light and the angle is adjustable ... The small amount of noise is soft and works well if you like 'white noise.'"

A few shoppers expressed a couple of minor cons. One of the most common: "[There's] no remote control," one wrote. Others added that "the design makes it hard to clean," especially when the blades get dusty over time. "This is the only thing I can't stand with traditional fans," one reviewer pointed out.

Believe it or not, this compact fan can move air up to 70 feet. An airflow pattern called Vortex Action circulates all the air in the room to keep you fresh from different angles. Pretty cool — literally.

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$71 at Global Industrial

Want a taller fan? You're in luck. Vornado offers two height-adjustable air circulators.

This model is height adjustable, from 28 inches to 40 inches. It has the same pivoting head and three-speed controls as the 630.

"The fan can circulate a large amount of air in a room without blowing it in a concentrated direction," said one shopper. "This is perfect for those who want to cool down a room without feeling a strong gust of air on them."

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If you want more speed options, this may be your best bet. It has 99 speeds — yep, 99 — and the height can be adjusted from 25 to 38 inches.

"Moves a large volume of air quietly. ... The fan is so efficient I usually have the speed set no more than halfway so it's almost imperceptible," said a buyer. "No complaints about this fan. It's worth the money."

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