Controversial influencer sparks backlash with Fashion Week outfit

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Controversial influencer Jade Tuncdoruk has sparked backlash after going against an unspoken rule at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

The 27-year-old shunned tradition on Thursday by failing to wear a local designer and instead opting to wear head-to-toe Louis Vuitton.

Influencer Jade Tuncdoruk
Controversial influencer Jade Tuncdoruk has sparked backlash after going against an unspoken rule at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Photo: Instagram/Jade Tuncdoruk

An unidentified Aussie designer has slammed Jade, telling The Daily Telegraph, "Obviously everyone loves a high-end label but at Fashion Week, where it is all about Australian designers, it is pretty average to promote an international brand."

"She clearly hasn’t read the room. Of course, you can wear international designers at Fashion Week but when you are an influencer and people are dressing you, it would be nice to support local."


They added that she could have at least accessorised with an Australian designer, but chose not to.

The comments on her post from the day are limited, so those that appear are all positive with her followers writing that they loved the look.

Jade did, however, wear Aussie designer Camilla and Marc on Monday.

It's not the first time Jade has come under fire with the influencer being slammed earlier this year for a resurfaced Facebook post from 2017 where she complained about Uber Eats' "annoying non-English speaking delivery drivers".

Influencer Jade Tunchy
An unidentified Aussie designer has slammed Jade, saying she didn't "read the room". Photo: Instagram/jadetunchy

"I order off you guys all the time and I'm starting to find it really annoying that you have so many non-English speaking delivery people who can't follow basic delivery instructions," she wrote at the time.

"I got a notification today saying my food was arriving and it took the person a further 20 mins to get to my door because he didn't read my delivery instructions properly and when I called him to explain he didn't understand a word I was saying."

She added, "Your GPS is consistently sending drivers to the wrong address which I've explained in my instructions which most people read and have no problem with but when foreigners are delivering it takes twice as long for me to receive my then cold food. Sort it out."

The post was shared by the influencer watchdog Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck with Jade later apologising for her "hurtful comments".

Jade Tuncdoruk wearing Camilla and Marc
Jade wearing Camilla and Marc on Monday. Photo: Getty

"I'm sorry to anyone I've hurt with my comments. I hold myself accountable for my actions," she said.

It comes after she faced backlash over demanding a small business refund her $2,000 after she failed to read their cancellation policy.

Jade uploaded a since-deleted post explaining that she had put down a $2,000 deposit with holiday rental company Weekenda last year.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jade and her fiancé, Lachie Brycki, were forced to postpone their wedding and in August she cancelled her Weekenda honeymoon stay for March this year.

“We requested a refund due to the pandemic, but they said the best they could do was put it back up online to be booked by someone else,” Jade told her followers.

“6 weeks out of the booking and we’ve asked again for a refund which they’ve denied. They’ve had months to refund us for a booking that we don’t need.”

Jade hit back at the Celeb Spellcheck
Jade hit back at the Celeb Spellcheck account after they called her out. Photo: Instagram/jadetunchy

Jade said it was “incredibly poor form and so disappointing that businesses are taking advantage of people in the middle of a pandemic.”

She eventually got a refund, however, Celeb Spellcheck called her out for "not reading the terms and conditions".

They wrote: “We’re almost two years into the pandemic, 99% of us have had travel plans f***ed by Covid. It sounds like it was her call to cancel, not due to lockdowns or government restrictions out of her control. If a small business was willing to list the accommodation and refund me if it got booked, I’d say THANK YOU!”

Jade hit back at the account, taking to her Instagram to say she is “every bit entitled to request a refund from a business that’s charging $2k for accommodation I don’t need”.

Jade went on to call out the Instagram page and said posting about the business on her account was a “last resort” after countless emails to them.

She called the backlash “ridiculous” and said: “Don’t act like you wouldn’t all sit at home and try to get the refund yourselves”.

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