The most controversial comment in MKR history

Emma Shepherd
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This season of My Kitchen Rules has been full of catfights, unacceptable behaviour and hospital visits. And just when we thought the controversy at the dinner table couldn’t get any worse think again.

It was the Russians Olga and Valeria’s turn to show off their cooking skills on Wednesday night’s episode of MKR, however some of their traditional dishes had teams scratching their heads and one contestant almost vomiting.

“A homeless man, I’d eat that,” Jess said to the table. “But I’d never eat that again,” after trying their Russian Solyanka soup for main.

Olga and Valeria shock contestants with their unique traditional Russian menu. Source: Seven

The insults didn’t end there, with her sister Emma joining in. “I expected a lot better from them,” she said. “It’s definitely game over for them.”

“[The soup] It was like eating a litre of olive oil and 50 million olives,” Jess said while choking and trying not to be sick while hiding behind her sister.

Jess was less than impressed with her Solyanka soup main which she almost spat out at the dinner table. Source: Seven
Jess was left dry reaching and almost vomiting after eating her Solyanka soup, which some people on the table found a little harsh. Source: Seven

Stella and Jazzy seemed to have an issue with their main saying the ox tongue was extremely hard to swallow.

“It was a really strange texture,” Stella said, adding, “It felt like I was hooking up with myself.”

Some of the table were left with a bad taste in their mouths after trying the ox tongue. Source: Seven

“The entrée and main at Jess and Emmas versus the dishes from tonight, I prefer Jess and Emmas,” Jazzy said.

However luck was on Olga and Valerias side, and thanks to the judges they came out on top leaving them in second position on the leaderboard after receiving three tens from the judges.

Manu Fieldel was very happy with the girls efforts at their ultimate instant restaurant. Source: Seven

Leaving sister’s Jess and Emma eliminated from the competition and loosing their place at winning the $250,000 prize money.

Tune in on Sunday night at 7pm on Seven to watch the My Kitchen Rules headquarters rounds.

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