Constance Hall slams Bonds for stealing her 'vibe'

Olivia Morris
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Constance Hall is never one to hold back.

Her latest gripe is with Australian underwear brand Bonds.

Why you ask? Well apparently they’ve totally stolen her “vibe” in their new ‘Queendom’ campaign.

Constance Hall has slammed Bonds for stealing her ‘vibe’. Source: Instagram/mrsconstancehall

Posting a screenshot from the campaign video, Constance penned a sarcastic open letter to Bonds claiming they “forgot to ask [her] to model” in the advert.

“I’m getting slammed with message from Queens wanting to know why the hell my vibe is all over Bonds by I’m not…,” the 34-year-old said.

“I don’t hold grudges and I’m too old to waste time with feelings of rejection. I suppose I’m never actually going to be an underwear model.”

Constance’s full Instagram post. Source: Instagram/mrsconstancehall

While she obviously claimed Bonds stole her “vibe” – aesthetically we’re presuming – her sarcasm could also be aimed at the underwear brand using the word “Queen”.

Constance is clearly a fan of to word with two of her books called Like a Queen and Still a Queen, her clothing label ‘Queen The Label’ and often refers to her followers as “Queens”.

Despite her gripes with the campaign Constance insisted she had “forgiven” the company encouraging them to donate to one of her preferred charities, Rafiki Castle, which her brand currently supports.

She then ended her post encouraging her followers to spam Bonds on Facebook with #bondsforrafiki which, of course, they did.

Bonds recently launched their new ‘Queendom’ campaign. Source: Facebook / Bonds

The underwear brand did not take the comments lightly, responding in the comments section of the Queendom campaign video.

Hi all, thanks for your feedback. 

We’ve loved seeing women all across the world championing the ‘queen’ movement, including Queen 🐝 herself. To this we say – the more the merrier! 

We’re massively proud of our Bonds Originals campaign set within the iconic Aussie landscape, which is all about inclusivity, empowering women, and – perhaps most importantly – women supporting women. 

We’re also privileged to be able to use our position to help young Aussies via our partnership with REACH. In fact, on August 11th 100% of profits sold from our Originals undies will go towards funding more life-changing Birdcage workshops for young women, tackling self-esteem, body image and confidence. You can read more info here:

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate the many Australian women involved in this campaign, who dedicated their time, flexed their creative muscles 💪, and contributed their artistry – from directing our chick flick, to acting in their undies and illustrating our queens. These women all share the same love and passion for the Queendom as we do. 👑

Bonds x

Did they throw some subtle shade at Constance?

Take it as you please and let’s just note, everyone is a ‘Queen’.

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