Constance Hall on why you should cry in front of kids

Sarah Carty

She’s the outspoken mum-of-four who’s pregnant with her fifth child and now Constance Hall has got real about parenting.

The 34-year-old took to her Facebook page to explain why she believes parents should cry in front of their children instead of sheltering them from certain emotions.

Constance, who married Denim Cooke in a Margaret Rover ceremony in January, revealed that she cried a lot when her kids were younger and while they consoled her and she got help, she claims they remain ‘changed’.

She went on to say that she was raised by a single mother, who always told her to ‘go in for the hug, say you’re sorry, ask the questions in a world where everyone is silent in the face of raw emotion just say something’.

Constance Hall has opened up in a heartfelt note about her children seeing her cry. Photo: Facebook/Constance Hall

“It occurred to me that I’ve never had a boyfriend who was comfortable to comfort me when I was distressed,” Constance said.

“Even my current husband who is very emotionally mature backs away and shuts down when I cry.”

However, Constance was watching an emotional documentary with her children over the weekend when she and her daughter began to well up.

Constance believes her kids understand her life and the emotions in it. Photo: Facebook/Constance Hall

“As tears were welling up in mine and my daughters eyes my son put his arms around us both, patting and rubbing our backs,” Constance wrote.

“I realised that my kids are completely ok with human emotion, not traumatised from seeing their mum cry, they care and understand that this is life.

“There is such comfort for a child knowing that their rock can break down, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t secure.

“And if we can’t be there for each other why are we here at all?”

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