Constance Hall gets refreshingly honest about elective C-sections

Bianca Soldani
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With just over two weeks to go until she meets her new baby boy, Constance Hall has finalised her birth plan.

The blogger is expecting her fifth child – which will be the seventh between her and new hubby Denim Cooke – and being as transparent as always, she’s revealed she’s booked in for a scheduled C-section.

While stressing that no woman ever needs to ‘justify’ the choices they make for their bodies, after much to-ing and fro-ing over what she should do, Constance shared her refreshingly honest reasoning behind the decision.

The Instagram star is about to give birth to her fifth child. Photo: Instagram/Constance Hall

“Baby update,” she wrote on Instagram, “I’ve decided against a Vbac (vaginal birth after delivery.)”

“The decision came down to a couple of factors, mainly body damage…

“One of my mates has a prolapsed arse and another has a prolapsed vag and the fact that I already have an inflamed bowel disease I just feel that I owe my anus more than this.”

The new baby boy will be the seventh addition to Constance and Denim’s beautifully blended family, as she has four kids with her ex husband, and he has two. Photo: Instagram/Constance Hall

She went on to say, “My worst Vag delivery took 5 months to heal from, my C section took 3 weeks.”

The only major issue with the choice is that Constance’s doctor won’t book her in before the 28th of May, but despite being at 36 weeks, her baby is measuring at 40 weeks.

“All my babies have been premature and Arlo was a 1.5 hour delivery, I live a 1.5 hour drive to the hospital,” she explained.

“I held back tears when the doctor warned me that there is no guarantee I’ll make it in time for my C section…”

Whatever happens, we wish her all the very best.

Constance is worried about living so far away from the hospital. Photo: Instagram/Constance Hall

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