Constance Hall celebrates post-baby body

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Just over a week after giving birth to her fifth child, mummy blogger Constance Hall has shared an empowering snap of her post-baby body.

Constance welcomed healthy baby boy Raja to the family on May 28th, announcing his arrival on Instagram by stating that she and her husband, Denim Cooke, ‘couldn’t have dreamt a more perfect baby’.

Mummy blogger Constance Hall has just welcomed her fifth child. Source: Instagram/Constance Hall

And just days after Raja was born, she has now uploaded a post to Instagram, referring to her postpartum body as her ‘beautiful rig that stretched to its full capacity and then stretched some more’.

Rather than worrying about losing her post-baby weight, Constance is absolutely owning it.

“The thing is that when the baby comes out comments change from ‘beautiful belly!!’ To ‘don’t worry you’ll lose that,’ But I f**king love this rig I’ve worked hard to earn it and I’m proud of it, I’m proud of anything that bought this beautiful baby into the world.” she posted.

The blogger also opened up to her followers about her experience in hospital, as well as thanking the midwives who looked after her during a difficult C-section experience.

“Scary and embarrassing things have felt natural and womanly this last week due to the amazing midwives,” she posted.

However, she has since made it back home with newborn Raja, whose name actually means ‘Prince’ which is fitting as she is known to her followers as ‘Queen’.

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