Constance Hall calls out Facebook for deleting her sex ed post

Blogger and mother of five Constance Hall, has called out Facebook for its removal of a post she created in the hope that it would help educate young people about sex.

According to Constance, Facebook said the post violated the social media site’s community standards. 

“Facebook legit just deleted my post on sex ed for young people!! Seriously??? said it violated their community standards… Unbelievable. Obviously too many people reported it,” Constance wrote.

The now-removed post was written for “young boys and girls who don’t want to listen to their parent’s coz [sic] that’s cringey,” according to the Daily Mail.

Constance informed her fanbase that if they want to read her views on sex ed, they will have to cop her new book Still a Queen, since it cannot be published on Facebook.

Although some may have found the original text crude or explicit, the lessons that Constance presents are beneficial, especially for young people.

The list focused mainly on giving and receiving consent, and tells both boys and girls that they should get to know the female anatomy in order to ensure sex is pleasurable.

It also discusses a need for women to accept their bodies and to explore what feels good to them, to help men pleasure them as well. Constance says to men that size doesn’t matter and that communication is vital.

“Apparently the content designed to liberate women and educate boys isn’t appropriate content for facebook,” Hall wrote on her Instagram

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