This Compelling Photo Shoot Proves That, Yes, Boys Can Be Princesses, Too!

Murphy Moroney

Chicago-based photographer Kitty Wolf has always been open minded. So while taking photos of a preschool-age boy who wanted to dress up as a princess, it didn't exactly sit well with her when she overheard a little girl tell him that boys weren't allowed to do that. An idea came to Kitty in that moment: why not have a full-on photo shoot starring boys dressed up as their favorite leading ladies? Eventually, Kitty shared the empowering photo series - known as The Boys Can Be Princesses, Too Project - on Facebook, and as expected, it instantly went viral.

Along with the boys dressed in princess costumes, Kitty enlisted the help of several professional princesses to also be in the photos to give the series that extra punch - and the boys loved interacting with them. "So in the boys' eyes, they got to dress up and MEET their favorite princess!" Kitty told Romper. "They had the times of their lives and I was so happy to be there to capture their joy and show the whole world that boys can be princesses, too."

Keep reading to get a look at the series featuring these adorable little ones dressed as their favorite Disney princesses - from Mulan and Cinderella to Tiana and beyond - and be sure to pay *special* attention to the humongous smiles on their faces.

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