Community's Alison Brie teams up with husband Dave Franco for horror

dave franco, alison brie
Alison Brie and Dave Franco for horror movieLionel Hahn - Getty Images

Community's Alison Brie is teaming up with her husband Dave Franco for horror movie Together.

Via Variety, it's reported that first-time writer-director Michael Shanks is behind this one, with Brie and Franco co-producing as well as appearing on screen.

Plot details are thin on the ground for now, but Together explores "the horror of co-dependency in a unique way".

dave franco, alison brie
Lionel Hahn - Getty Images

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The real-life couple, who tied the knot in 2017 after dating for five years, have collaborated on several projects in the past, including Somebody I Used to Know, The Disaster Artist, The Rental and The Little Hours.

Franco (brother of Spider-Man's James) directed his wife in The Rental and told the aforementioned publication of this experience: "She's a unique actor in the way that she's able to balance heavy drama with moments of levity.

"And it was just so comforting for me to have her there through the process. As a first-time director, there were moments where I would get in my head and start to doubt myself. It was invaluable to have her there to build me up when I needed to be, and to remind me that we were doing good work."

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Brie herself went on to reveal how Franco would willingly get involved with marketing meetings during development on The Rental.

"To me, that's admirable," she said. "I love acting, and throwing yourself into a role on set is one thing. I would consider these other things really far out of my control.

"I think Dave has such a perfectionist nature. I've worked with actors who are happy to come up with problems on set without offering ways to solve them. Dave is the opposite."

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