Coming on Monday, The Fashion Power 100

The Fashion Power 100 List (Getty Images)
The Fashion Power 100 List (Getty Images)

The fashion industry is worth around £1.2trillion and is estimated to employ over 3.4billion people globally. Yet, its megalithic influence spreads out far beyond the catwalk. From sports to superstar performers, from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond, the fashion industry affects us all. Everyone, after all, has to get dressed each day. On the eve of 2023's Fashion Awards we're asking, what does power in fashion mean now?

Fashion is a followers game, but the real influence happens on the high street and in your wardrobe. The (mostly male) billionaires might be holding the purse strings, but we’re wearing the merch.

We’ve looked at the industry and its tributaries from every which way - is a footballer more powerful than an industry favourite fashion designer if everyone’s copying their style? Are the traditional titans of publishing holding their own over the stars of social media? And what of the Kardashian klan?

The Standard Fashion Power 100 list is in reality a work in progress, over the course of the next 12 months these names will fall in and out of favour; one viral campaign image can propel a person to the top of everyone’s feed and one spurious post can get them momentarily cancelled. One bad collection gets a starry designer name fired, one catchy design creates an all important It piece.

But for 2023, looking at revenue, followers, good old fashioned clout - and, most crucially, total cut through -  we’ve compiled the 100 names which we think are directing the most critical element of all  - what we’re all actually wearing.

You'll find the list online and in your paper on Monday, 4th December.