Comedian’s impression of child performing for their parents is hilariously accurate

This comedian’s impression of children singing for their parents is hilariously accurate!

TikToker Asher Lieberman (@stinkyasher) is a comedian and content creator who’s garnered a large following on the video platform for his hilarious character impersonations and sketches. One of Lieberman’s character sketches features an impression of little kids performing in front of their parents, and its accuracy has viewers cracking up.

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The clip opens with a shot of Lieberman wearing a pink sweatshirt and printed boxer shorts while standing and swaying nervously from side to side.

I am a lost boy,” Lieberman begins to sing before abruptly breaking out of a tune and defiantly asserting, “Oh! No, I wasn’t trying yet.”

“No, but that was so good, honey,” Lieberman’s VO of him as the parent states emphatically over the footage.

“No! Stop! STOP IT,” Lieberman, fully in character, yells, childishly stomping his foot. The clip cuts to another shot of Lieberman preparing to resume his performance before snapping at another family member in the audience.

“Stop smiling like that! It messes me UP!” Lieberman’s inner child shrieks, leaning forward and rapidly stomping his feet the way children do to emphasize a point.

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The pretend performance goes downhill pretty quickly from that point in the following footage. Swaying back and forth with his arms crossed while self-consciously looking away from the audience, Lieberman tries to continue singing but becomes too frustrated.

“Now I’m like, nervous! And I keep messing up because you’re STARING AT ME! If you go to the other room, maybe I can sing better,” Lieberman shouts before the clip quickly cuts to him once again, beginning the song before he’s interrupted by the sound of someone pressing “Record” on their iPhone.

“ARE YOU VIDEOTAPING ME?! I SAID NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! NOW I CAN’T SING AT ALL,” Lieberman wails, nailing every nuance of a typical childhood meltdown.

The video picks up the pace featuring a series of quick cuts of Lieberman resuming the musical number. “I am a lost boy,” Lieberman trills in a shot of him plugging his ears with his eyes shut, followed by one of him staring at the ground, trying to conceal his face and body with his sweatshirt.

I am a lost boy from Neverland,” Lieberman sings, with his back turned away from the audience, finally able to resume the song successfully before the video comes to a close.

Viewers definitely saw themselves in Lieberman’s truthful portrayal.

“I had my parent record under the door,” recalled one user.

“Remember when you went in the wardrobe, and you sang to mum and [me]?” one TikToker asked their sibling in a tag.

“And they always [insist] that you sound so good,” another viewer mentioned.

Based on the comments, performance anxiety can be a common occurrence in childhood, especially when the stage is your living room and you’re related to everyone in the audience.

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