The Colts' keg stand TD celebration is one for the ages, even though it didn't count

The Indianapolis Colts played the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, and in the third quarter we saw them whip out a touchdown celebration you probably haven’t seen since your college days (or the last time you went tailgating).

With nine minutes left in the third and the Colts just inches from the goal line, offensive lineman Quenton Nelson was given the ball so he and his impressive frame could force it into the end zone. After the snap, it appeared that Nelson had done it. It was called a touchdown on the field, and then the offensive line joined Nelson in their choreographed celebration: a pantomimed keg stand.

It was impressive. One guy played the keg, three others grabbed Nelson’s legs and torso to get him up into the air, and the others played enthusiastic onlookers who would have been yelling “DRINK DRINK DRINK” if it was a real-life keg stand.

Sadly, on replay it was determined that Nelson didn’t make it across the goal line into the end zone, so he didn’t score a touchdown. But that epic keg stand celebration will live on in our hearts forever.

The Colts brought their A-plus celebration game against the Jaguars on Sunday. (Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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