Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders injured in blowout loss to Washington State

Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders left the game injured during his team’s 56-14 blowout loss against Washington State on Friday, capping a dire night for the Buffaloes that ended any hopes of playing in a bowl game this season.

Sanders, the son of head coach Deion Sanders, was sacked four times, exited the game twice with injury, and remained off the field the second time.

“He had some numbness in his hand and couldn’t really grip the ball,” Deion Sanders said afterwards, according to ESPN. “But then that second hit he just got rolled up on. We decided not to send him back out.”

The Buffaloes tumbled out of bowl eligibility after recording their fifth consecutive loss and slipping to a 4-7 overall record, a disappointing return from such a promising start to the season that had captivated college football fans.

Shedeur Sanders was sacked four times before he was injured. - Young Kwak/AP
Shedeur Sanders was sacked four times before he was injured. - Young Kwak/AP

“I’m very sad of how we played,” Sanders said afterwards, per Colorado’s website. “We practiced hard this past week. We prepared, and to go and display a performance like that it’s not indicative of who we are, what we are, how we are.”

Colorado trailed 21-7 after the first quarter and it only got worse in the second as Washington State added another three touchdowns with no response from the Buffaloes.

“That’s not the recipe for a win,” Sanders added. “They executed early and executed often and when they got Shedeur out of the game it was tough sledding from then on.”

Colorado concludes its regular season against Utah on November 25.

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