Colin Fassnidge’s surprising confession about MKR’s Josh and Austin

Alicia Vrajlal
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So far My Kitchen Rules’ Josh and Austin Bonwick haven’t gained many fans from within the show, with most contestants and even judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans being disappointed with both their food and their attitudes.

But the show’s third celebrity chef, Colin Fassnidge, has a different take on filming with the controversial brothers.

“They are the reason I got out of bed,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle with a chuckle.

“At the start I was like, ‘Who are these guys?’ They were really winding me up and I’m like, ‘Is this a joke?’,” explains Colin. “And then I worked out it was them.”

Celeb chef Colin Fassnidge says My Kitchen Rules’ Josh and Austin Bonwick were “the reason I got out of bed” during filming. Photo: Channel Seven

Last night Colin supervised Josh and Austin’s cook-off against Karito and Ian, and the boys managed to save themselves from elimination with a score of 90 out of 140.

Colin hints the boys are going to continue impressing with their food, while also still pushing buttons with their bold opinions.

“They stayed true to themselves and they did quite well,” he says about Josh and Austin’s MKR journey.

“They had some shocking dishes and then they come back with good ones.”

Josh and Austin landed themselves in the elimination cook-off on Monday after not only serving raw chicken for their main meal, but delivering it to dinner guests over four hours late in Sunday’s episode. 

The controversial brothers have continually ruffled feathers throughout the season so far with their bold remarks. Photo: Channel Seven

That was the final straw for Manu who told the boys, “This is ridiculous” and “I’m so disappointed”, and needless to say, his opinion of them is a bit different to Colin’s. 

“After 10 years, there’s a certain expectation that you wish for, and when I see a team that walks in and is pretty casual about the competition, it’s just going to rub me the wrong way,” Manu tells Yahoo Lifestyle about the incident.

“I’m like, ‘Hang on, what the heck are you doing?’ Because if they’re there and they don’t care about it, or don’t seem to care about it, then they took someone else’s spot basically.

“That’s the way I see it. I want to get fat eating good food.”

During Sunday night’s episode, Manu Feildel was less than impressed when the boys served their main meal over four hours late. Photo: Channel Seven

Manu says Josh and Austin are like no other team that’s ever appeared on the show.

“It doesn’t matter that Pete and I are the judges, they treat us like everyone else,” he explains.

“I’ve never met people like this before and I’m not excited to meet people like this again.”

My Kitchen Rules continues at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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