Coles launches new 'meat' range with a huge twist

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Coles shoppers looking to reduce their meat intake will have access to a wider selection of plant-based "meat" products, as a new range lands in stores this week.

Over 800 Coles stores around Australia will be stocking vegan-friendly items from Get Plant'd, which are specifically made to emulate the taste, smell and texture of real meat.

Made from a range of ingredients including wheat protein and soybeans, the new products include plant-based versions of bacon, pepperoni, chicken slices, roast duck, roast pork and chicken fillets

Faux bacon with pancakes; faux pepperoni on pizza, both available at Coles
The plant-based options can be found in refrigerated aisles in Coles stores. Source: Plant Powered Press

Get Plant’d co-founder Cale Drouin said that the new range is designed to offer more flexible options to customers who wish to change their meat consumption.

“We’re extremely excited to offer Coles shoppers a fresh selection of plant-based meats that cook, smell, and taste like their traditional counterparts,” Mr Drouin said.

Perfect for 'flexitarians'

“In Australia, there is a growing segment of 'flexitarian' customers who will happily choose plant-based pepperoni for their pizza, or opt for plant-based chicken in their sandwiches, provided these options are tasty, accessible, and convenient.

“People can Get Plant’d without having to commit to specific dietary choices full-time.”


Study shows more Aussies keen to go meat-free

The release of Coles’ new vegan range follows consumer research that shows demand for plant-based "meat" has grown 15.9 per cent worldwide, with one in three Aussies consciously limiting their meat intake.

“Consumers are more conscious today, and they’re looking for simple solutions to the issues they perceive in their world,” Mr Drouin said.

Packaging for meat free roast chicken and deli style chicken now being sold at Coles
The new vegan options will be dropping in Coles stores this week. Source: Plant Powered Press

“For many people, making more mindful food choices is an easy way to contribute to positive change.”

Mr Drouin also believes that plant-based proteins have a larger role to play in the future of food security in Australia, especially as global supply chains continue to be disrupted.

“Australia’s national food security strategy relies heavily on subsiding the meat and dairy industries, even though animal agriculture requires enormous natural resources to operate,” he said.

“Shifting government policies to prioritise plant-based protein would help to ensure Australians have consistent access to safe, homegrown crops that are more environmentally and economically sustainable.”

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