Coles criticised for 'tone-deaf' new ad campaign

Consumer expert Joel Gibson thinks it’s the latest example of corporations misreading “household budget pain”.

Video transcript

- Coles is being criticized over what some frustrated shoppers are calling a tone-deaf new ad campaign and consumer expert Joel Gibson thinks it's the latest example of corporations misreading household budget pain.

In the hands down ad, a voiceover says, whenever you see the big red hand at Coles, it means you're getting great value hands down. Down and staying down for three months.

While some may not see any issue with the video, others took to social media to point out what they say is hypocrisy with prices going up every week. One Facebook commenter said, how are prices going down when you're actively price gouging and worsening the cost of living crisis within Australia.

Coles responded to a number of angry comments online saying they are focusing on Aussies being able to put quality food on the table for their families at a good price. However, consumer expert Joel Gibson claims Coles shouldn't be surprised if there's a bit of blowback because people are really struggling, and they feel like businesses don't get it. What do you think?