The Clever Way To Turn A Failed Pie Into An Easy, Delicious Dessert

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In baking, there are no guarantees. Even if a recipe swears to be foolproof or deliciously easy, there are so many ways that things can go awry. This is particularly true for pie, which can suffer from any number of maladies, from a soggy crust to a loose, unset filling. While it may still taste delicious, the looks leave something to be desired. It happens to the best of us, but it doesn't mean that all of your hard work should go to waste. Instead of dumping your less-than-satisfying pie, give it the trifle treatment.

What exactly is the trifle treatment? Think of it as a way to flip a failed dessert into a show-stopping parfait. You'll layer your sunken pie into a bowl with ice cream, whipped cream, and any other sweet adornment you desire to create a deconstructed dessert that works just as well as a proper slice of pie. Not only does this creative twist solve your problems for presentation, but it also offers you the opportunity to incorporate other treats you may have lurking in your pantry, from crumbling cookies to forgotten chocolates. So how should you go about transforming your poor pie into a proper trifle?

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Transform Your Mistake Into A Masterpiece

Ice cream and pie
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First, consider what kind of pie you're working with. If you have a chocolate or nutty pie that didn't quite set or is sporting a lackluster crust, try to incorporate ice cream, whipped cream, and plenty of caramel sauce to make it a turtle sundae trifle. Meanwhile, failed chess or custard pies can receive swirls of jam, fresh fruit, and broken shortbread crumbs to become something bright and new. Runny fruit pies work well with ice cream, lemon pudding, Cool Whip, or some leftover pound cake cubes. Even some crunchy granola could work as a streusel stand-in. 

You could also take your fruit pies in the "Eton Mess" direction, adding in broken meringue cookies and some cream. This works all the better if the pie in question is a lemon meringue pie, which already has a bit of silky meringue to start with. The point is to be as creative as possible with the materials you have on hand, and then layer it all up in a bowl to parfait perfection. With this idea in your back pocket, you'll never fear a failed pie again.

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