Clemson coach Dabo Swinney makes long-awaited TikTok debut: 'Coach Swinney's got that drip!'

Dabo Swinney has officially made his debut on TikTok. 

Swinney popped up on the social media app on Thursday, making a long-awaited appearance on his son, Will’s, account. Apparently, fans have been begging for him to show up for quite some time.

The Clemson coach broke out a pair of Tigers gloves and even (kind of) hit the woah at the end of the video, too. 

“This ain’t my thing, but hey,” Swinney said, “Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock. Coach Swinney’s got that drip, and now he’s on TikTok. Boom!”

Hey, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay home and nothing else to do, why not turn to TikTok? 

Now, we just need Swinney to make his own account.

Dabo Swinney made a guest appearance on TikTok. (Norm Hall/Getty Images)

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