I started a skincare routine for the first time in my life and this is what happened

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I’ve always been one for the less effort required the better. But as I approach my thirties I decided it was high time I started really focusing on my skin and try and stick to a proper skincare routine.

Over the years my bathroom vanity has been littered with random products - from cleansers, toners, serums, oils, and moisturisers - most of which I would normally use for a day or two, before reverting to the standard micellar and wipe routine.

With anti-ageing commercials screaming at me from the TV (because apparently you should be starting with anti-wrinkle products when you’re 25) I sought help from the team at Clear Skincare to get my routine sorted.

Meeting up with Kathy at the Clear Skincare clinic on Clarence St in the Sydney CBD I very quickly learned I was making plenty of mistakes with my skincare, and would have to adjust to a vigorous two-times-a-day routine to get my skin from dull to dewy.

My face before my first treatment and starting a skincare routine. And me having my first ever Skin Peel and LED Light Therapy. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

I had basically never moisturised, only ever wore sunscreen on the beach, definitely didn’t take my makeup off at night, and am guilty of popping my own pimples regularly.

My treatment consisted of a Skin Peel and then LED Light Therapy with a hydrating mask, and I must say even after the first session, which lasted roughly an hour, my skin felt instantly softer.

I walked out of there with a regimented to-do list for morning and night - using a gel cleanser, vitamin C serum, lighten cream, and sunscreen in the morning, followed by the cleanser, salicylic toner, new skin, and smooth skin cream at night.

A few of the products I used in my new routine. Photo: Clear Skincare

After the first week my face was a mess - but that was expected. The Peel had brought all the ‘mess’ to the front and I had to majorly resist the urge to clear it myself.

I also had to really remind myself to stick to the routine. One surprising thing I noticed very quickly, was that even after using something to take my makeup off - or so I thought - there was still plenty of dirt and makeup left on my skin that only a proper cleansing was ever going to clear out.

I was shocked when I looked at the headband after one week to see how much residual makeup came off my face while washing.

My skin broke out after the first treatment. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

It took almost the whole fortnight between treatments for my skin to calm down and finally start showing the results of the regular maintenance.

And by the third treatment - six weeks after starting my routine - Kathy remarked how much softer my skin was, and even I could tell in photos that it was much brighter.

The pores around my nose had noticeably reduced in size and I felt more comfortable leaving the house without too much foundation on.

My face before (left) and after (right) my third treatment. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

Despite the success, my chin remains my problem zone but I have learned that area is very much affected by hormones as well as what I’m eating, so that will require a little more work.

I’m proud to say I now use sunscreen daily - the oil free one is perfect for underneath makeup - and have worked out that toner is only meant to be a spot treatment (that explained the dryness).

Now it’s just time to invest in some quality mineral makeup and the thirties can come at me!

Showing off final results at a friend's wedding. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

Once I had the skincare sorted, here are a few other products I added to my new routine:

FACE HALO Makeup Removing Pads - great for getting rid of as much makeup as possible before using a cleanser

Photo: Face Halo

ALYA Skin Pink Perfect Clay Mask - a great mask to use once a week, especially if you can’t get to a treatment

Photo: Alya Skin

ECOYA Hand And Body Wash (available in French Pear, Lotus Flower, Sweet Pea & JasmineGuava & Lychee Sorbet and Coconut & Elderflower) - once you’ve got your face sorted, don’t forget about the rest of your skin!

Photo: Ecoya

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