Class of '07 cast on the show's 'intense' female friendships

The cast of Prime Video’s ‘Class of ’07’ - Caitlin Stasey, Emily Browning and Megan Smart - sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the show.

‘Class of ’07’ premieres on Prime Video on March 17.

Video transcript

EMILY BROWNING: For me, it was that first opening-- ooh!


EMILY BROWNING: You're all right?

MEGAN STEWART: [INAUDIBLE] that feels the attention coming.


EMILY BROWNING: For me, it was just that opening scene of Zoe losing her mind on the match. I was in as soon as I read that and the idea of coming back to Australia to work was very appealing. What about you, Megan?

MEGAN STEWART: Oh, thank you. Thanks. Don't take it away.


From all of the things that I had seen about female friendship, there was something always I felt about it not quite realistic. But this script, there was a-- like a vulgarity and a crassness to the relationships that made me go, oh, there it is. That's how I relate to my friends. That's how I experience female friendship. It's a lot more real and, like, ugly than I think, you know, just sitting there and having makeups and-- makeup-- makeovers and sleepovers.

CAITLIN STASEY: Are you a human person?


I like women have their makeups.


CAITLIN STASEY: No, it's great. There's a real intensity and a real romance to female friendships, I think too. We're very visceral with one another, and it happened within the cast too. Like, we spend all of our time together. But back to your question, what drew me to this project was just Saskia, honestly. I immediately wanted to be--

MEGAN STEWART: She hates the rest of it. She just really wanted to play Saskia.

CAITLIN STASEY: Yeah, I was like, this is it. This is the show. Tada! Yeah. But I just-- I've never played anyone like her before, and I could see very clearly what I wanted to do with it. And it felt very clear to me immediately.