Claremont Serial Murders: 20 Years On

Jenny Rimmer. Photo: Supplied

Two decades hasn’t dulled the agony of Jenny Rimmer losing her “beautiful, caring, fun-loving” daughter she tells WHO.

Perth childcare worker Jane Rimmer was 23 when she disappeared from Claremont’s Continental Hotel in June, 1996. Her body was found in bushland 40km south of Perth 54 days later.

She was one of three known victims of a predator known as the Claremont serial killer who, despite Australia’s longest-running murder investigation remains at large.

“It was just very sad, the home was never the same,” says Rimmer at her home in Perth. “At times, it’s still quite raw.”

Jane Rimmer. Photo: Supplied

January 26 marks 20 years since the first victim, 18-year-old Sarah Spiers, vanished after leaving a nightclub in the upmarket Perth suburb of Claremont. She was never seen again. In March, 1997, 27-year-old lawyer Ciara Glennon also disappeared after a night out in Claremont. Her body was found dumped in bushland in northern Perth.

If alive today, Jane would have been a bridesmaid at the recent wedding of her close childhood friend, Sarah Wanek. “Jane wanted very much to get married and have children,” Wanek, 43, tells WHO. “She absolutely adored, loved and cherished children.”

Sarah Wanek. Photo: Supplied

Says Rimmer, 73: “I would like to see justice done. I really would like to know what happened, how it happened.”

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