Claims Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson married 'on a rebound'

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With their daughter, Princess Eugenie’s wedding just around the corner, royal fans have been looking back on the iconic 1986 nuptials between Prince Andrew and Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson.

Their Westminster Abbey wedding looked to be the ultimate fairytale however in the eyes of writer and royal journalist Judy Wade that wasn’t the case. 

Rather she believes the pair actually married “on a rebound” after Sarah Ferguson split from racing driver Paddy McNally and Prince Andrew ended his romance with photographer Koo Stark. 

Royal expert claims Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and Prince Andrew married ‘on a rebound.’Source: Getty

“Probably she did marry Andrew on a rebound when Paddy McNally made it clear he wasn’t going to marry her,” Judy said in a recently unearthed 1997 clip of ‘Fergie: Downfall of the Duchess.’

“She falls in love easily and she always had a yen for that glamourise royal world Diana had entered.”

“And I think it was a lot of factors, not just Paddy McNally, that influenced her,” She claimed. 

Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and Paddy McNally, who is their mum Fergie’s ex-love. Source: Getty

Fergie reportedly split with Paddy – who was 27 years her senior –  in 1985 according to the Daily Mail and the two remained friends over the years to come with Sarah even introducing her daughters to him. 

On the other hand, Prince Andrew split with his former flame Koo in  1983 and according to, was later named godparent to her child in 1997. 

Prince Andrew previously dated American photographer Koo Stark before tieing the knot with Fergie. Source: Getty

So the Duke and Duchess of York really only dated for a year prior to tieing the knot and as we all know their love wasn’t to be.

After welcoming their two daughters Princess Beatice (1988) and Princess Eugenie (1990) the pair announced their decision to split in 1992 after royal pressures became too much for Fergie. 

Fergie has previously said that if she could go back she would “play it differently” and refused to be separated from her husband, who at the time was a naval officer who was sent out to sea no long after their wedding.

Despite their tensions, the pair has remained friends and are even still living together at Royal Lodge, in Windsor where they would no doubt be excitedly awaiting the upcoming wedding of Eugenie and her partner Jack Brooksbank on October 12th. 

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