'Claim to Fame' First Boot Shares the Clue Wall Clue That Gave Her Relative Away (Exclusive)

The first boot spot on Claim to Fame has become a bit of a cursed position on the franchise. In Season 1, Chuck Norris' grandson was sent packing in the premiere after producers realized he'd snuck a phone into the house. In Season 2, the niece of Tom Hanks threw a temper tantrum after being correctly identified by another contestant, screaming as she packed, "I SHOULD HAVE MORE CAMERA TIME!" Season 3's first player to be eliminated, Bianca, who turned out to be Good Morning America host Robin Roberts' niece, seemed to break the curse, exiting the show without prompting a scandal, and with a kind video message from her aunt.

That doesn't mean, however, that she wouldn't have liked to run through the house screaming like last year's first evictee. "Nobody has any information right up front, not that early," she told Parade in an exclusive interview after her exit. Deciding the first boot in Season 3 was a total crap shoot.

After losing the talent show challenge, Bianca found herself in the bottom two up against Miguel. She was then voted to be the guesser by her fellow nepo babies and took a shot in the dark guessing that Shane was related to Forest Whitaker. When she was wrong, her relative was revealed and she was sent home.

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Here's our full conversation with Bianca about her time on Claim to Fame:

Matthew Huff: To start, how did you end up on Claim to Fame? How did you hear about the show and decide to go on?

I got a message on Instagram, and someone asked me if I was interested in being on a reality show. I really thought it was a scam. They told me to check out the show and see if it was something I might be interested in. I watched it, and I was like, "Totally."

At what point did you talk to your aunt about going on the show? 

During casting. They did say, "You might want to reach out and ask your auntie if she's OK with it." And I told her about it. She was like, "Go for it. Do it."

What's your relationship with her like outside the show? 

I mean, she's just my aunt. When people find out that I'm related to her, they're like, "Oh, do you really know her?" I'm like, "Yeah, I have her phone number. I can call her anytime. I can text her. I don't have to be passed through anyone to be in contact with her." Monthly we get on a call as a family, and we all chat. I am her oldest niece, her first niece. So yeah, we've always had a really good relationship.

What was your strategy coming into the house? Did you have any plans to throw people off and keep your identity a secret?

My plan was to be a mother figure. Maybe people would be like, "Oh, she's kind of old, so maybe we could bond," and I could get information about them. As far as hiding my identity, I was just really confident that people would not put any anything together about who I was related to.

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You lost the talent show challenge in the premiere and that ended up sending you home. Did you think it was going poorly as it happened? 

I didn't think it was going poorly. I tried to make sure that there was one talent that I felt I did the best at and then I wasn't really worried about the other two talents. It was pretty shocking to me that it turned out the way it turned out.

What were your three talents?

I did a ribbon dance, a comedy sketch and then a little painting.

Going into the guess off, it looks like nobody in the house has any idea who anyone is. Was everyone completely in the dark?

That definitely was the vibe when I was there. I know previously people like Tom Hanks' niece had a big meltdown and was like, "I've only been here for three days!" I could see honestly having that reaction being the first to be eliminated. Nobody has any information right up front, not that early. Everyone was in the dark. It could have been anyone up there, and whoever was up there would have gone home.

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The clue wall opened up while you guys were in the house. How long did you have to look at that before the guess off?

If I remember, like a few hours.

Were there any clues that you spotted that connected to your aunt? 

The microphone.

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In this season, the cast included 11 people rather than 12 like the first two seasons. Was there any discussion in the house about there being fewer people? 

I just figured this was something the producers decided to do this time. I didn't think it was weird. I didn't think that there was any special reason why they did it that way, or that someone got sick.

Have you talked to your aunt about what happened on the show? 

No, I haven't told anybody what happened. Everyone is anxious to see the show.

Do you have any plans for a watch party?

I did have plans for a watch party, but since I am in Houston and Hurricane Beryl just came through. There's no power anywhere. I'm actually at my parents' house because they have a generator. It looks like our quote unquote "watch party" might be at their house, but most people don't have power.

Are you and your family safe?

Yes! We're all safe. We're all good.

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